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Sensitive to negative energies

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, for many years I have experienced what I feel could be discarnate entities inhabiting people. These encounters have been with strangers, lovers (including my current boyfriend), and friends. As a Reiki healer, I know these energies exist on this plane and that I will encounter them in my own shadow work and my spiritual work with others, and yet I am sometimes frightened of these beings. It’s a difficult feeling to explain but it’s almost as though I feel my soul, and the souls of others, could I be in danger? I sometimes feel like I am crazy, and I know this fear means I am learning something important, but I cannot seem to gain clarity or insight about what it all means. ~Ali, United States

ANSWER: Earth has an equal amount of positive and negative energy. Some of what you are sensing is just negative energy carried by those having a life lesson. It is natural to feel a fair amount around those who are not on a spiritual path because they don’t realize they can choose to shun negativity and embrace positive feelings.

Earth’s inhabitants see negativity as the default setting of their life. People will tell you what is wrong with their life and then others will step in and try to “outdo” those bad experiences with some of their own. When clients come to you, they are usually there to get rid of something that is bothering them – their negativity.

You are sensitive to the degree of positivity a person can have when the body is in perfect balance. Anything out of balance, or negative, is immediately apparent to you. These are the “bad energies” that you feel but do not fear.

You are correct that there are negative entities, those who have finished their human existence but have chosen not to return to unconditional love. They will try to grab positive energy from others and will suck life-force energy from whoever allows them to do so. Those who cannot distinguish positive from negative sometimes succumb to these energy vampires. They can be very scary if you do not recognize them and send them away.

These discarnates may just accompany a client, or they may have attached to the person like a leach. Cover yourself with white light when you sense one of these and ask your guides and Archangel Michael to come and help it detach and move on. Of course, the client must be willing to let it go. Some people feel these entities are being friendly and giving them love in exchange for their life force. Your insight allows you to detect them and help others to get free of them.


Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, do you know who I am? When I was a child my mother would often have long talks with me about life because she thought I was wise. I believe we came from a line of very sensitive people, my great grandmother was a very sensitive person and my mother and brothers are too. When I was about 6 years old I told my mother that I had chosen her for I had a clear vision of me, as an adult, in a room with other people, and being asked to choose my path. “You have the opportunity to go and have a calm life or you can choose to help people in need.” I felt like I had no choice to make – it was obvious I wanted to help. So here I am. I never forgot that vision. Does this make sense to you? ~Rossana, Portugal

ANSWER: You are a beautiful eternal soul who has had many experiences in human life on planet Earth. When you first came into your body in this incarnation, you did not have a total case of amnesia about all that occurred before, so you were able to remember things. The group setting that you recall was when you got together with your Council of Advisors to decide what you wanted to concentrate on in this lifetime.

Every soul has a Council who helps evaluate all the possibilities for an Earth event and discuss the options. They do not influence you in any way, but they bring up both the negative and positive aspects of your choices. Your previous several lifetimes had been very traumatic so you wanted a calmer existence. Your choices were to have a type of holiday experience or to dedicate yourself to the aid of others. You chose to be of assistance.

An example of other choices you made before beginning this life was to come into a human family that was easily able to sense the energy of humans in their own human form. This you see in the sensitivity of those genetic relatives, from your great-grandmother down to this current generation. Your mother was chosen to help guide you and help you remember.

It is time to fulfill your desire to be of assistance. Reach out with your sensitivity and help those who do not understand their journey. Teach them to be open to the things around them that will permit them to learn the lessons upon which they are embarking. Be a calm port that others may come to, where they can feel safe and examine their lives.

Mortal travel to spirit world

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters is there really a way for mortals to get into the spirit world and if yes, where would I go? My uncle was able to go there once, but passed of cancer in 2010 therefore I have no way of asking him. An entrance to the spirit world could mean seeing him and other close family members again. There are rumors going around about Convergence. I really suck at meditating, I have only been able to do it for 5 hours MAX. ~B., Canada

ANSWER:  There is not a way for a mortal, who is a human, to take its human body into the spirit world or dimension, but there is a way for the consciousness of a human to enter into the spirit world to visit others and gather knowledge. For centuries those known to most as mystics have perfected ways of shedding their burdensome physicality and flying freely in the dimension of souls.

Many techniques allow one to flee Earthbound shackles and venture upward and outward. The mystics used meditation but also various forms of chemicals, such as hallucinogens, to allow their minds to wander. Modern-day journeyers experimenting with drugs, who are unprepared for meeting nonphysical souls, frequently become disorientated and end up diagnosed as psychotic or insane.

A gentler way may be to use hypnosis to cut the ties to the body and permit the consciousness to seek its own interest levels. The Monroe Institute, located in Faber, Virginia, in the US, specializes in assisting people to reach these states of awareness using audio recordings. They use a binaural beat – slightly different frequencies channeled into the opposing ears – to allow the two sections of the brain to be synchronized to a single specific frequency.

The Monroe Institute has available hundreds of different types of recordings as well as whole programs, and they offer residential programs at the Institute and several other places around the world. They have some programs focused on connecting with those souls who have passed on from this world, and also assisting those who are stuck and can’t fully move on.

When you meditate for long periods of time, what do you accomplish? Eastern methods just have you sitting in the quiet, not doing anything – what a waste. Meditation should be a state in which you clear your mind of physical thoughts and allow the consciousness to be open to communicating with your guides and those around you. As long as your head is clear of personal thoughts, you are meditating and receptive to messages coming through. Start practicing mind awareness, not concentrating on breathing, sunsets, candles, or tones. A clear head is an open receiver for the spirits that abound.