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Genetic vs. soul families

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am wondering if there is a difference, and what the difference is, between a soul living life after life, and the people in a blood line (relatives). What occurs when it comes to reincarnation and learning life lessons, both as single souls and as a group like a neighborhood or country? Is it possible that I could have been my own relative in a distant past? And when we resolve an issue in a past life, is the issue solved for the blood line too? ~Anne, Norway

ANSWER: A soul is an energetic being that has no physical body, unless or until it chooses to manifest one. With no body, it has no physical human DNA that would be carried from lifetime to lifetime. The history of the soul is reordered in an energetic akashic record that memorializes everything the soul has ever done while in a human body or elsewhere.

Blood lines are the human DNA that defines the characteristics shared by a group of relatives of the same lineage. A soul rarely chooses to experience the same lineage time after time. When getting ready to go into a human body, the soul decides what lessons it wishes to learn.

Most of the time the way the lesson will be played out depends on the body the soul chooses. It will not be able to experience, say, racial prejudice unless it is born into a body that is in a racial minority. Joining a family where abuse – whether mental, physical, or chemical – exists will make it easier for the soul to have that experience. If it reincarnated within the same blood linage, the soul would be very limited in the lessons it was able to set up in a lifetime.

Several human generations ago you were in the same lineage. You wanted to have the parents you have now so that factors were right for the lessons you have undertaken.

Life lessons are peculiar to an individual. If you learn a lesson and get the wisdom of the situation so that you can continue to use it in any subsequent life, it is for your benefit only. If you did not finish a lesson during the incarnate life but resolved it during a past-life regression, you can also take advantage of that wisdom and carry it forward. It is yours, though; that wisdom does not extend to anyone else in your lineage.

My friend triggers my inner demons

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, please help me understand what is happening in regards to my horrid attitude, jealousy and bad feelings towards my best friend that’s been building for a couple of years. I’m trying to work out how to heal this rift that has been forming but am struggling to be compassionate and have kind thoughts about her and her intentions. Please help as this is really upsetting for me as it is only with her that I am this way. ~Belle, UK

ANSWER: In one word – expectations! You have been so close with this friend for so many years that you had your whole lifetime together, with parallel lives, planned out in minutiae. Growing up you had a balance of who would do what and who was leader in various activities.

As you have grown up you now see she isn’t following your imagined pattern for her life. There are certain aspects of her life that you had believed would be yours. You have not achieved these goals and your “traitorous” friend has.

You need to reevaluate what this friend means to you. You can remain in competition with her or you can realize you each have separate lives, and your thoughts and dreams have no effect on her. The way you are finding yourself feeling about her has to do with your disappointment concerning your own life and the things in which you feel you have not succeeded.

It is time to forgive yourself for not meeting your own expectations. It is time to stop blaming her for not doing what you had planned for her to do. She is a very strong soul and exercises her freedom of choice to match her own desires. She does not intentionally do anything to make you feel bad. She is just following her own journey.

Stop imagining that she is intentionally trying to harm you or get you mad or jealous of her. Accept that she is on her own path and honor her journey. Allow her to be herself. Stop anticipating what should happen between the two of you and just go with the flow of the universe.

If you feel you are unable to step away from the drama that has grown between the two of you, then you should consider stepping away from contact with her until you can resolve the anger and jealousy you are harboring. Placing yourself into an untenable situation for you emotionally will not allow you to resolve the conflict.

Examine the feelings you are having and ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are. When you reach the source of the discomfort, you will be able to easily resolve your problems. Give it a try if you want to maintain this relationship.

Christianity and the Masters

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I’m struggling right now with my faith in Christianity after learning about you guys, the Source and the soul. What I would like to know is that if Christianity and what you guys represent / stand for are necessarily mutually exclusive?  Granted that religion is a human construct, does that mean that God doesn’t exist? ~Daen, Singapore

ANSWER: As you have stated: religion is a human construct. It is based upon doctrines put together by the hierarchy of the religious sect containing the belief system to which they demand all proponents adhere.

Each set of documents upon which a religion is based contains historical tales establishing the foundation of the group. If you compare the background information you will discover that there are certain similarities that follow from century to century and group to group. Symbolisms are also shared from sect to sect.

All are based on the principle of reward and punishment: reward for following the rules and punishment for not following them. If this sounds like the ego-based judgment of the third-dimensional duality, you are correct. Human constructs are all about judgment because that is their arena.

What you have heard about Source and the soul discusses the nonphysical aspect of who you are in the unconditionally loving world of eternal existence that exceeds the minuscule duration of a human lifetime. The soul has total freedom of choice to experiment with whatever it feels will serve it in its journey to learn about its own existence.

When the soul is having a human existence, it must first find out about things such as control, making choices, and deciding what will and will not further its education. People create their own reality by what they choose to allow into their illusion of life. Organized religions, with all their rules, regulations and beliefs, must be taken into the feeling aspect of the human to determine whether or not they are helping the soul know itself as a soul. They definitely help the soul to know itself as a human having a human experience.

As we always say, take our information and see if it resonates with you. If it does not, find what does until it no longer serves you. We do not judge; we only help you evaluate if you can learn from following a particular belief system.