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Spiritual journalism

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, The traditional journalism practiced in newspapers requires documentary evidence about reality. Information coming from other dimensions is not considered journalism and is restricted to the field of spirituality or religiosity. What Masters are oriented towards classical concepts in journalism? Journalists should create other channels (vehicle) communication or current use to have the role of communication about the planetary changes? And how can this be possible without a journalistic be signed by Masters and Angels, but by journalists land of flesh and blood? ~Wilson, Brasil

ANSWER: We are not concerned with what human journalists think about the “authenticity” of the information we deliver to Earth. We do not judge the opinions of anyone. We are not in the energy of the positive and negative duality; we see all actions from the perspective of unconditional love without judgment.

Most of the journalists you are concerned about do not even believe that nonphysical beings exist. It is impossible to convince people that something they cannot see is real unless they will entertain the possibility, which these people will not.

We could communicate with these flesh-and-blood writers, but at best, they would receive our information as science fiction, and at worst, as total fabrication for the purpose of trying to fool others into believing something that does not have any basis in fact. To most this would be an exercise in futility.

The souls undergoing an Earth journey have many sources to aid them on their way. You are correct that all the information is currently categorized as spirituality or religion, but what difference does that make? It is available to assist those who need some direction.

We always tell those who hear our messages not to accept things as being true unless, or until, it resonates with them. No commercial journalist would ever make a statement like that. They want you to believe what they say without questioning, while using only their style of validation.

It is laudable to try to find a way for spiritual information to be disseminated more extensively – but having everyday journalists speak of planetary alignments, life on other planets, and reincarnation will never occur. Newspapers are sold because of the sensationalism they contain. The more negative, angry, vindictive, and physically horrible an article is, the more press it receives.

What children remember

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have been reading books on reincarnation by Dr. Brian Weiss and I thought of asking my son, who will be 12 years in January, about any life he remembers living other than the present one. I was shocked and amazed when he said that he always from childhood remembered another life he led. He told me about the ice cold temperature, the work he did on some machine which looked like a rocket, the house he stayed in with a lady who probably was his wife and how they could communicate with beings from other planets. And how a person of authority had visited earth and brought some sample of sand and a plant. Masters was this just his imagination? ~Daisy, India

ANSWER: Souls come to planet Earth with amnesia concerning their previous experiences here. Children frequently do not have total amnesia at first and remember sections or entire lives. When memories are recalled and thought about frequently, they become more clear and permanent. It is only when they talk about their pasts and are told it can’t be true that they block that lifetime.

Your son had a life on another planet, which was very earthlike, where he was a scientist. One of the races’ abilities was mental telepathy, which exceeded beyond the territory of their world. If your son thinks about it he will also remember other lifetimes and skill sets. He has had many previous lives and is somewhat of an historian concerning souls’ journeys.

Almost everyone has the ability to recall or re-live sections of previous existences when under hypnosis, as occurred with Dr. Weiss’s patients. Some can even reach those memories when deep in meditation. If you have a curiosity about your own past lives, try one of the two mentioned methods.

Past-life regressions are a useful tool for dealing with negative feelings that spring up in your life as carry-overs from the past. If you have a fear of heights you can go back into the past life where you fell off a cliff and deal with the fear, understanding that you aren’t going to fall off a cliff in this life. Claustrophobia, fear of water, lack of self-worth and confidence can all be traced to past lives and handled or removed from concern by revisiting them.

All about souls

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have two quick questions! 1) Does a person with Alzheimer’s disease, still have their souls in their body? My grandma recognizes nobody, and I feel like she is not there anymore… 2) I find it difficult to believe animals do not have a soul, so animals won’t feel love, hate, joy? To be honest when I’m with them I feel a soul near me, and not a spark as you suggested. ~Harry, Greece

ANSWER: Those who have Alzheimer’s disease and those who are in unconscious vegetative states all still have a soul. Without a soul the body would not be able to continue life. Your grandma had made agreements with other souls, yourself included, before coming into this life. The nature of the contracts was to be a non-responsive individual who would cause those around her to be exposed to a number of different types of life lessons. Her soul is still in the body you observe.

Just as you are questioning the spiritual significance of a soul without cognitive communication skills, some others close by are dealing with issues of not having completed situations with your grandma for which they feel guilty, abandoned, and angry. It makes all of you question the reality of life and continued existence when the consciousness has left the body. It is a lesson in a soul’s planned experiences for all those involved.

Some animals do have souls. But, since only 1 to 2% of all souls who are normally in human bodies choose to have a life as an animal, there are not enough souls around to populate all the animals on the planet.

Pets are but a small portion of the animals. They are domesticated to behave as humans want them to for purposes of being companions for you. They do have energy signatures that can be felt when they are near you. Most of these feel positive since, unless you give them a reason, your pets love you unconditionally because they are bred that way. That energy is what you are perceiving, not a soul.