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Lesson from a cheating husband

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I feel that my whole life has been turned upside down. I have discovered my husband has been having an affair. This is the second time, the other being 7 years ago when I was pregnant with our son. I was married previously and suffered emotional abuse. My husband is sorry for his actions, he lost his mum at age three and I believe he has abandonment issues. I am in so much pain and my emotions are all over the place. Is it a life lesson on accepting him with unconditional love or is it to move on alone? Does he really care or is it something that will be repeated again down the line. ~Debbie, UK

ANSWER: What does losing a parent have to do with cheating on you? Your husband is a victim type. He blames his childhood difficulties for all his acting out. You on the other hand have insecurity issues; you drew your first husband to you because you had no confidence in yourself and at first saw his action as normal. It wasn’t until you opened your eyes that you realized you had a choice not to be abused.

After that relationship your energy was bruised and your husband saw an easy person who would not question his actions. This is not the only time he has pleased himself in addition to when you were pregnant. Whenever you were not observant of his needs he went elsewhere. He is a very needy person who feels it is all right to search wherever he can for comfort. He professes his sorrow only because he was caught.

You have a gorgeous child who needs to see you stand up for yourself. You are still being abused – this time it is psychological abuse. Choose what type of life you want to live. Your emotions are cycling between being hurt and blaming yourself in some way for your husband’s actions. You are as strong, magnificent, and worthy as any other soul. Give yourself credit and stand up for yourself.

If you decide to stay with your husband, talk the situation out with him. Be vigilant about all that he says to you and what he does. Make him responsible for his actions. If he cannot tolerate having only one partner, run, do not walk, away from him. You do not deserve to be with a man who does not honor you.

Illness as a lesson

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, husband of my sister was diagnosed with brain tumor, GBM grade four and got it removed surgically. Is it possible that he chose it himself or is this a life lesson for his immediate family and relatives. His family is now trying alternative medicines as doctors have told them that there is no cure for this as they obviously don’t want lose him and are extremely positive about it. How can anyone plan to cut short his journey on earth at such a crucial time when his family needs him most? ~PM, INDIA

ANSWER: This is a life lesson for all those involved with your brother-in-law. He chose this as a particular lesson in lack of control and acceptance of all possibilities. His choice of leaving at this time has nothing to do with the journeys of his family and friends. Many of them signed on to experience being abandoned, having guilt for an inability to be of help, and anger for his perceived selfishness in leaving. He is only responsible for the lessons he is learning in this lifetime.

The positive attitude that all members of the family are showing is another lesson. They are not going into the negative and giving up on possibilities. All things are possible when faith in oneself is involved. This situation has brought together this family like nothing else has ever done. This, too, is a lesson in co-operation and caring for others and not just oneself.

When your brother-in-law is ready to transition, it will be because he has finished the lessons he came to Earth to learn. The family and others will continue on with their lives, recognizing how much strength they have that they have never used before. Several have never taken responsibility for their own actions, relying on him to carry the whole burden. This is part of their continuing lessons to hold themselves up and take care of themselves. If he stayed they would never learn their own lessons.

A question must be asked of all involved: Who are they concerned with in this situation, him or themselves? This is a primary lesson. Can you only see how his illness is affecting you? Or are you concerned about what is the desired path for him? Lessons will continue to arise as the event unfolds further.

Two souls in one body

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for two souls/spirits to encompass the same body? In relation to this question, for one to protect the main soul/spirit in control of the conscious mind in times of great need, survival? Can that spirit coexist with the other more permanent spirit already within the body? ~Lex, US

ANSWER: Each body is animated by a single soul. The soul has several components including a conscious, an unconscious, and a higher self that is partially still at Home in the universe. The conscious self does not have any awareness of its other parts unless the conscious mind becomes interested in learning about its own spiritual journey, which is called enlightenment.

During times of extreme stress, the human psyche may cut off conscious access to sections of its mind. This is demonstrated by multiple personalities and repressed memories, which may arise during counseling or hypnosis. These are not separate souls but just parts of the one soul that have compartmentalized and broken off from the main, generally to hide from hurt.

Studies on the “inner child” prove that when a human reaches its limit of tolerance it retreats from reality and hides from what is happening. Whole sections of a person’s memory may be unreachable under normal circumstances because the soul has placed walls around it to keep the hurt from taking over.

One situation in which a single human shell may contain more than one soul occurs when the original soul, to whom the body belongs, invites a discarnate wandering soul to join it. This person will usually be diagnosed as psychotic because of the inability to control the entity sharing the body.

Your soul leaves a part of itself outside your body, connected to the universe, at all times. This section is not superior to, nor more permanent than, that which is allowing the body to function.