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Recycle Earth?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, Planet Earth is a place where we can experience negativity. When we create a new earth where there is no negativity; what is the new role for the earth? ~Timo, Spain

ANSWER:  Planet Earth is the only place where there is negativity. There are billions of souls who can only learn about negativity and freedom of choice from experiencing a human life on the planet. Many souls have not had the desired contacts with negativity to feel they have learned all the things they wish.

There are many other planets where a soul may go and have non-dual-energy lives. Souls sometimes will flip back and forth between places with no negativity and Earth. Earth will continue to be needed in order for all souls to have all the experiences they desire.

Some souls spend thousands of lifetimes playing with negative situations so that they may fully understand all the aspects of a physical trait. They are also learning how fantastic their soul essence is by what they can bring out through their freedom of choice. How strong are they in their faith in themselves? How intuitive are they? How fast can they learn a lesson? How easy is it to manifest exactly what they desire? There are millions of permutations for Earth experiences.

It is not that Earth will cease to be the only duality but that souls will choose to no longer go to Earth for a negative-based experience. The “new” Earths of which you speak are already in existence and additional ones are created whenever a specific staging is needed.

If you have always vacationed in Australia, it does not disappear when you no longer go there but choose to go to South America instead.


Sexual satisfaction

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, why am I struggling to be sexually satisfied with my partner? Is it fear of HIV, incompatibility, past lives issues, appetite for adventures, unsuitability for monogamy, or what else? What would you advise me/us to do? ~Emanuele, UK

ANSWER:  First thing you need to do is stop thinking and analyzing everything and just feel what your body has to say. Release the expectations you have concerning the sex act and go with the flow. You think you need to have certain feelings or experiences, but the truth is that each person’s sensations and degree of satisfaction are based on his/her judgment of the union.

How do you get your information so that you may form an opinion? You depend on television, movies, novels, friends, and societal judgments. Does any of this impact the way you feel about the act? It shouldn’t, unless you feel you are part of a competition to do exactly what someone else has done.

You have many fears and doubts controlling your life. You default to the negative possibilities in all situations. You want someone to come in and tell you what to do. You do not think you are capable of taking responsibility for your life, having original ideas, and being able to “grade” your own experiences.

Whenever you give in to your fears – that is, accept that they are true – you are doomed to have a repeat of the situation you fear. You are a powerful soul, as all souls are, and you bring to your life that which you wish to experience. When you tell yourself you may be subject to HIV, unable to relax and enjoy, doomed by past-life problems, you are telling the universe you wish to have those things in your life.

In your wisdom and strength you create the world you desire. Visualize a place devoid of the things you fear and surrounded by unconditional love. See this as the place you have your relations, and the whole energy of your activity will be one of safe unconditional love. Enclose yourself in this cocoon of positivity and shut out all negative thoughts and possibilities.

You devalue your own worth. You are magnificent; accept it as true. You desire to have all the wonderful experiences in which you allow yourself to engage. Relax, stop putting pressure on yourself, and enjoy an intimate relationship with your partner. If both of you are completely into enjoying the situation, you won’t need anyone else.

Where is the love?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am 39 years old. My brother, who is 4 years elder to me has been rejecting me since my birth. When I was 4 years, my father had his first attack of depression and then because of that there had been financial issues in the child hood. Since my marriage, my in laws have been non loving towards me and my husband, whom I married for love, has not been valuing me and cash in hand has been an issue, inspire and despite of trying everything, things are not showing much improvements. I want to know my life purpose and till when will all this last? ~Menu, India

ANSWER: Your life’s purpose is to get to know your unconditionally loving soul. You are completely limiting your awareness to the physical energy of those around you. You don’t love yourself enough to accept that this journey you are on is a solo path of enlightenment. You judge how your life has been by comparing the experiences of the rest of your family members. You are a rose among the thorns, letting the thorns rule your thoughts and hide your beauty and happiness.

You chose your parents before coming into this incarnation, knowing of the difficulties your father would have so that you might observe and learn from him and not have to experience the depression yourself. You knew your brother would be jealous of you and therefore reject you, so that you would be forced to find love within yourself. You have not found that love.

It is not imperative that your parents, your siblings, or your in-laws love you – only that you love yourself. You have a need to be needed, which you interpret as love, so people’s not liking you makes you feel unworthy, insignificant, and the cause of their disdain. Needing is not loving; it is just setting the stage for the other person to use you.

It doesn’t matter what others think of you. It is a life lesson to learn that all souls are on their own journey, making their own decisions with no regard to how they affect others. See you and your husband as a couple without attaching to the rest of the family. Take your positive energy and bring to yourselves the wealth, health, and happiness that you can envision as yours. Have faith in your own abilities to create, not what your family history has shown as dysfunctional.