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Psychic abilities

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if I’m insane or if I actually have this power. I feel like I can literally feel other people, like I’m so connected to them that if I try I can actually become them. I don’t think I’m psychic, but I definitely feel intuitive to a strong degree, like I can sense how someone is feeling. I often feel like a chameleon, being able to be other people if I choose, as I can feel them. Is this real? ~Peter, UK

ANSWER: You are very empathic, which means you can feel the energy around you. Most people, if they open themselves to the atmosphere in a room, can tell when there has been an angry argument or tumultuous laughter occurring in the space before they arrived. This is residual energy. People who are upset give off waves of their emotional feelings which can easily be read by others. You may call this using your intuition or your psychic ability.

As with each soul, you have the choice to decide exactly how you wish to feel. If you are having a sad day and come upon people who are laughing and having a good time, you may open to their happiness and transform your state to match theirs or remain morose. This is easy enough to do, but most people like to share their negativity with others; they don’t want to become happy just because others are, but would rather try to get others to become unhappy to join their mood.

One definition of psychic is the ability to perceive that which is invisible. Therefore, anyone who senses the moods of others, is able to feel fear or sexuality, or employs intuition is psychic. It is very real but impossible to measure or show to anyone else.

This is not becoming the other person; it is mimicking their emotional state. You are definitely not crazy but more aware of energy than most people. It is not a strange power but the recognition of power as it is given off by others.

Shifting into consciousness

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, over the past few years I have been feeling a shift in my perception of the world and my place in it. I have been on a search for my purpose and it seems to consume my every thought. Although I still contribute to society as a “good citizen” I feel like it is all a facade. I so badly want to make a shift into my own self-sufficiency. I no longer want my livelihood to depend on whether or not I am doing my job well. I live in the city with my wife and we both agree that our lives are meant to be elsewhere but don’t know where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ~Ainsley, Canada

ANSWER: You have become aware that there are non-physical energies all around you. This changes the way you function in the world. From your youth you were programmed by parents and society for every action you took, and now you are taking a closer look and deciding if their rules fit your desired lifestyle. To live in the flow of the universe you have to be fluid—your perception will constantly be shifting.

The sensation is like the man who came from a very small town where he had lived his whole life and then saw his first big city. There is confusion and an attempt to have the environment fit into your history. You have to ask who you want to be. Your purpose is to find the answers to the questions: Who are you? What do you want to experience in this lifetime?

You are still trying to be a part of your upbringing by contributing to society and being a good citizen—but what does that mean? You are saying that someone out there knows better than you what you should do. Throw out any tendencies you find yourself attached to, and with each situation in life ask: what do I feel I want to do? No “shoulds,” no “musts”—those come from people outside you. Honor yourself and follow your feelings. Your life will change into a resonance with your soul.

Contracts and the future

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I was wondering if you could talk more about the nature of individual and group contracts made pre-incarnation. How they are made, planned, and how our free will affects not only our own progression but those we have contracts with one on one and as a group. Any words of advice for comfort in life’s situations or words of advice on how we can hold new perspectives as our collective history plays out? ~Jason, USA

ANSWER: Before a soul incarnates on Earth it has selected what life lessons it wants to study. Some of the lessons might be quite complex and involve the assistance of other souls, which is when contracts are made. The agreements are rarely specific but just cover a general desire, such as a wish to deal with self-image issues. This could appear as a constant bullying from a peer, a mis-interpretation of a statement by someone who is greatly admired, or a family member daily making fun of your appearance.

Group contracts occur when you want to be part of a winning team, participate in a disaster, or help restructure a devastated area. The intensity of these sorts of events results from having a number of participants, rather than only one person, experiencing them. In the pre-planning, you don’t specify a flood or a tornado or an earthquake; you just ask for something that will give you the experience you want—it might even be a building collapse from inferior materials.

Once contracts are in place, several things can still prevent them from being carried out. All souls have freedom of choice, and that never leaves them. If they have learned the lesson in some other fashion before the contract has been completed, they will find some way to avoid the disaster, or appreciate their self-worth before it is thrown in their face by the contractor.

The most important thing you, as a soul, can ever do in experiencing your life is to live in the moment while accepting all your own power by making the decisions that feel right to you. Give up a need to be a part of society unless it resonates with where you are at that time. Go with the flow; give up anticipations. The universe will send to you what you need to see. Get out of judgment and merely evaluate what you observe and see if any of it will help you on your journey.