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How did it all begin?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, we are all part of the creator (the source of energy) which makes us all one, but who created that energy? Or how did that come about? ~Caroline, Singapore

ANSWER: If Source and all souls are non–physical in nature, then to require a physical explanation for the existence of a non-physical phenomenon makes no logical sense. Any terminology would be self-contradictory. It would be like asking a student to describe in physical parameters the development of this non-physical energy using only physical examples.

When you ask who or what created Source energy, you are making the assumption that Source was created. Source exists outside of time and space, which defines humankind, and therefore it, or you, created the construct you know as “time and space” to be able to explain and evaluate your continued journeys to planet Earth. If you created time and space, you and Source obviously were not “created” but always existed.

Time, space, and physicality were brought into existence so that Source might have an arena in which to examine itself and find out the extent of its magnificence and power. Source existed in unconditionally loving perfection. But just what did that mean? Was there anything else? Source wished to add to its knowledge and wisdom by finding out what it was not. So it created Earth, a place of perfection and all possible examples of imperfection.

The pieces broken off of Source also had the same yearning, which was a part of Source: infinite knowledge. Not satisfied with testing one environment considered to be “perfect,” souls sought to experience all types of environments for their challenges and the sense of satisfaction available. Souls then moved into the various sexual varieties and orientations, nationalities and belief systems, arriving at emotions and sensations. And the exploration continues to this day.

Life pressures and delusions

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my sister has always been different. She’s very sensitive, dramatic, self-concerned, and cyclical in nature. She has always been a bit obsessive on one thing or another, especially about musicians, since she was a teenager. For years she has said that she communicates with spirits and now she believes she has a telepathic connection with a famous musician that she is unable to shut down. She has also recently become a compulsive writer by email to this musician. I question if this entity is who it says it is or that she may be seriously ill. How can I help my sister? ~Shelly, USA

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Your sister has entered a rift in time. She can “hear” part of the thoughts of this musician, but that ability is not reciprocal. This facility has allowed her for some time to communicate with other non-physical spirits and energies. She has no sense of human reality, so she is unable to see her behavior for what it is.

Her life-long personality traits have been dictated by her ability to sense and to feel not only other humans but also other energies around her, both the physical and the non-physical ones. She has been going through life with all her sensors tuned to high, with nothing filtering out annoying or harmful noise. This has become her reality and she does not understand why others do not receive the same input of information.

Music soothes her and conveys comforting emotions and sensations to her body. The fascination with this musician lies in her belief that he talks to her not only in her head, through telepathy, but through his music as well. This is a one-way street, because the only thing he is aware of is her escalating harassment of him online. She has tuned into his thoughts going through a party line, and he is unaware.

She needs to have help learning to shut down or filter the noise that infiltrates her head. Having a conversation with her “higher self,” or unconscious, under hypnosis will give her a better perspective of her unique abilities. She is fast approaching a place where human physical reality will be beyond conception for her. She must want to learn to control her talents in order to do so.

Alzheimer’s disease

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, please give me your understanding of Alzheimer’s disease from the soul perspective. How should one act toward people having the disease? ~Mischa, France

ANSWER: Spiritually, Alzheimer’s disease is the same as any other debilitating disease that is chosen for a life lesson during incarnation. The afflicted souls wished to enter into a phase of their life where they first became aware of their failing memory, which they could not influence in any fashion. Most were independent or fairly independent and found themselves becoming totally dependent on others for the simplest of daily tasks. They were then trapped inside a body that they found foreign and difficult to deal with.

The soul has usually also entered into at least one contract with another soul who wished to experience the “living death” of an associate or loved one. This person could be a family member, business associate, or close ally who is struck by the visibly vibrant loved soul whose mind has gone on vacation, leaving the house unattended. The friend, at first, watches the house, awaiting the return of the mind, but it never comes back permanently. Flashes become further and further apart and of shorter duration.

Many lessons may be part of this scenario. The “survivor” may have wanted to experience feelings of survivor’s guilt, abandonment, forgiveness, relief, disgust, or fear—or may have needed to complete an emotional closure or some other pattern of conduct or lesson now no longer possible with the patient. Each, the patient and the observer, has personal reasons for being there.

The soul is on a solitary journey with total freedom of choice directing it. It has no responsibility spiritually for anything or anyone besides itself. Let your feelings tell you what your lessons are and, therefore, what you need to do in dealing with a situation such as this.