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Wheel of rebirth

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about 2 different hypnosis regression sessions which happened 10 years apart; in one I retrieved my last past life as a man living in Europe at the beginning of 19th century. When I had a past-life regression session with a specific therapeutic theme, I found a life as the wife of one of my current life acquaintances. This life was happening in Russia at the beginning of 20th century (the proof for the date was that I saw a music sheet of Tchaikovsky on the piano in the house). How is it possible to get two different time frames without throwing doubt on the entire PLR therapy process? ~Mischa, France

ANSWER: Everything that you have ever done as a soul is recorded in your own diary called your akashic record. If you look upon this as a disc containing data, you can accept that you don’t have to play it straight through from start to finish but can use your intention to locate a particular section. It is this principle which allows a person under hypnosis to remember or visit various lives they have previously experienced for any number of reasons.

One of the problems with humans is that you are convinced all your lives are lived in a linear, numerically progressive fashion: 1800s, followed by 1900s, and then the 2000s. Time, by which you delineate these dates, exists only when you are in human form on planet Earth. Time, as a recording device, sets measurements by the rotation of the planet around your sun. When you finish one life and return home, you don’t necessarily choose to come back in a “future” time from whence you recently departed; you may choose to visit a “past” time to witness or participate in an historic event.

When you enter into one of your past lives, the precise wording used for the intention determines where you go and what you see. If you use the terminology to go to your most recent past life, you may find yourself in an Earth future time. When you ask to go to a past life that explains some problem currently confronting you, you will be taken there regardless of in what order you had lived that life. A lot of hypnotherapists direct your destination by terms such as “go to a past life,” and that can take you anywhere. People unfamiliar with PLR believe such an intention will always take you to the last human experience your soul chose.

You have spent dozens and dozens of lives on Earth. You have not lived them in Earth’s chronological order but have jumped around. When you were directed to your last experienced human life, it was in the 19th century. The life you needed to relive for your therapeutic purpose was from the 20th century—a life you lived before you lived the 19th century life. We are aware that this is very confusing to you, and a lot of people will disregard our answer out of hand. All we ask is for you to evaluate what you benefited from the sessions. If they helped you to understand yourself, a problem, or a connection to the universe, then it was exactly what you needed at that time.

The only thing that is important is how you feel about the experience. Dealing with non-physical (remembered) situations cannot be proven by physical means. This is where you have to get out of your head, and what society wants you to believe, and into your heart to accept what feels right to you. If it resonates with your being, it is something that is yours.

Difficult situation

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I seem to be “stuck” in this marriage. I tried my best but could not love my husband fully. He expects me to be a loving and affectionate wife. When there is no love it’s rather difficult to portray a loving wife image. Often I wished for him to be out of our lives (especially when we have disputes). I often asked myself the purpose of this life for me. I rather remain quiet to maintain a non-quarrelling atmosphere for the sake of our children. He and I seem to see things differently; therefore the exchange of thoughts is often faced with quarrels. I found it difficult to live with him in this marriage. ~Lee, Singapore

ANSWER: You chose to have a life where you would have to decide whether or not to honor yourself and respect your feelings or be a mannequin. It is difficult to love someone from whom you feel no love in return. Your husband wants you to be the adoring, loving wife while he does whatever he chooses. He does not respect you and you have arrived at the point of no longer respecting yourself.

Don’t think that just because you do not argue in front of the children, they think all is well. They feel the tension in the house and are very observant. Your situation has caused you to defer to your husband’s wishes. The children see this and think it must be the right thing to do. You are therefore setting an example of allowing the man of the house to control those living within.

You have freedom of choice—so you can continue as you are or decide to change the way you live. It is important to first accept that you are as good a person, and as strong a soul, as your husband. You do not need to be treated the way you are. Your desires and thoughts are equally as important as his.

There are two kinds of love involved here. There is the spiritual love for him as a soul, which you have. Then there is the emotional human romantic love, which is not happening between you. You cannot cause an emotional love to come just because you would like it to. You also can never have a true sense of romantic love unless you have a physical love of yourself. You get this from respecting where you are and what you are doing on Earth. You need to work on loving yourself more.


Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve begun a project to provide a facility for my community. I asked for the help I would need to achieve it, and was sent an architect, a charitable benefactor and an engineer in geothermal energy. I would like to ask the following: Am I correct in thinking that this is my life task, or part of a greater life task, as I have ideas for other community projects? I am a housewife whilst they are experts in their fields; do I have any skills or expertise from other lifetimes that I could bring to the project, and have I worked with any of them before in other incarnations? Are these individuals members of my soul group, and what, if any, promises and agreements have we made with each other before incarnation? Is geothermal energy the best energy source for our project or is there a better option? ~Melanie, UK

ANSWER: You have already demonstrated to yourself your manifestation powers. You have drawn to your project the integral pieces needed for success of this phase. Where you can go and what you can do is limited only by your desires and imagination.

Why are you now questioning what has occurred so far? Have faith in the process. When you came down here you had many ideas of what you wanted to experience. You did not have anything written in indelible ink—it was all just penciled in so that it might be changed as you felt good about something.

Your life task, as you call it, is to explore the strengths you have perfected. From the past you bring determination, confidence, and a charisma that draws others to you. No one is only a housewife. Most men do not have the organizational abilities, counseling skills, and ability to combine together the right pieces to complete a puzzle which running a house requires—this is your forte.

Some of the people in your life are soul mates, with some you have contracts (not all involved in this project), but what is the difference? Part of finding your strength is going with your instincts, following the flow of the universe, and trusting in yourself. These people would not have been drawn to the power you are creating if it were not something they needed as a part of their journey. Forget your desire to know and go with the energy. If you don’t keep raising questions, things will progress much more rapidly.