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Family battles

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I returned to London recently to help my father aged 101. He was suffering abuse from my stepmother and exhausted from cooking every night. He died probably as a result of the conflict after I brought in an adult protection officer. I became the scapegoat after his funeral. My daughter and stepmother made false allegations to the police who evicted me from the house. Does my father realize what happened now and know that I loved him or does he think it was all about money?  In the end he seemed to be filled with love. Is he in a good place now? I dreamed he was shouting that he was in prison and hurling things around for attention, not knowing he had died. Is he at peace or distressed that all his money and half the house will now be passed outside the family by his embittered wife? ~Anna, Australia

ANSWER: Your father has returned to the unconditional love of Source. At home he is at peace and is “in tip-top shape,” as he says. He has no concerns whatsoever for material goods and does not take sides or have desires as to the disposition of his previous Earthly things. Since he couldn’t take the money with him, and it is of no use to him, he is merely observing what others are doing to get control of it. Who has how much, and what they did to get it, is the furthest thing from his thoughts.

The dream you had was a reflection of the way you felt about the whole situation when you arrived. There was an energy of people forcing other people to do things they did not want to do. Your father was a strong individual who did not like others to tell him what to do. He wanted to be of assistance around the house and his wife was oblivious to the toll upon him.

Your stepmother and her family had been there with your father in close proximity and could not always see that they were using him in his weakened condition. He had allowed the situation around the house to exist for a number of years and they were unable to see the effect it was having upon him. The adult protection people realized what was going on, but the detriment to your father was not seen by him and the whole disturbance shocked him into seeing what was happening.

The reaction of your step-mother and your daughter is a result of their guilt over not recognizing the effect everything was having on your father. If they raise enough of a ruckus and blame you for being motivated by money it makes them feel better about the thoughts and actions in which they have engaged. Some of the people involved have created a sense that they are entitled to a share of the estate. Step away and don’t let their drama affect your life.

Dealing with pain

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, at age 4, I was sexually molested by neighborhood boys. Until the age of 7, I would put myself to sleep with the exact concert memory of what happened. At 7, though, I turned the memory into a fantasy of being captured like a large deer or tiger. Hundreds of men would jeer me and in camp they would stuff all my orifices with food till I grew immensely fat, and then spear me. How did that strange fantasy arise in my 7-yr.-old mind? I was 39 before I knew that I had been assaulted for real. ~Margaret, USA

ANSWER: The human body and mind are very resilient. When trauma occurs and the consciousness is not ready to deal with all the implications, you remember it in a way that you can tolerate. With your limited understanding as a 4-year-old, you knew something was not as it should have been so you relived the incident to try and understand it. When you became 7, you understood that something very wrong had happened to you, so you morphed the incident using things you had witnessed on film and read or been told about, things that were symbolic so it could have happened to you or someone else.

Many of the aspects of the 7-year-old remembrance parallel the story of Hansel and Gretel, along with information on fattening up animals for slaughter. From the beginning, because of what your attackers said, you maintained an air of guilt that you were partially the cause for your discomfort. At seven you wanted to make your memory a fairy tale in order to try to take the fear out of it. Hansel and Gretel is a dark tale about abandonment, cannibalism, and lack of control that fits the way you felt. The abuse made you feel abandoned by your protectors, consumed by the older boys, and totally without control over anything that happened.

Just like belief systems taught to you in your childhood by parents, teachers, and society, scenarios you adopt for protection remain a part of your life until you unearth them and replace them with a new or more complete view of the facts. Some of these coping skills are still buried in your psyche and influence your life from time to time. Don’t let them hide. If you detect any discomfort, stop and go looking for the cause.

Negative energy

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, my boyfriend of 8 yrs. left me. Since I still love him I want to make sure if there is a chance for me to come back with him. I was told by a fortune teller and a spiritualist that his ex-wife did witchcraft to him or sent him a bad spirit to accompany him to cause him to break up with me. Could I have your opinion? Does he need to get rid of that spirit possessing him? ~Karen, Puerto Rico

ANSWER: Your ex-boyfriend didn’t need to have anyone to help him accept the dark force that he carries. He is very impressed with power and he senses that negative energy is much stronger and more powerful than positive energy. That is true only when, as he has done, one rids oneself of all positive thoughts and thrives in the negative.

His ex-wife does use black magic and witchcraft to influence people, but those people have to be willing participants to have the treatment stay and intensify within them. Your ex-boyfriend likes the negativity of the bad spirit that is with him. He uses the spirit to strengthen his own negativity to increase his control over others.

Even before the negative spirit came on board, your boyfriend had started to change. You have changed also, but you are becoming more aware of the goodness in the world, while he seeks the evil. He is no longer the person with whom you fell in love. For the two of you to be able to have a comfortable relationship, either he would have to give up his control, or you would have to give up your goodness.

As for negative spirits, they prevent you from living your own life and learning what you came to Earth to learn. The problem is that it is his choice whether or not to send the spirit packing. No one else can make that decision for him.