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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Question: Masters, HELP! What is the nature of a karmic bond between myself and my husband? Why is our marriage such hard work for me? Why is my love for him so complex and the attachment so strong? I am a healer; I want to help people; I love helping people. After so many years there is clearly such a conflict between my husband’s expectations of me and my insatiable desire to be out in the world healing people. Please, beloved Masters, I ask for insight, understanding, and your guidance. Despite all my efforts in self-help and self-healing, I often find it hard to reassure my heart. What am I doing wrong? ~Olesya, UK

ANSWER: You and a soul mate—yes, a soul mate, someone from the same group of souls as you—had planned for a very intense lifetime together. There is a conflict between the energy that draws you together, from your closeness in creation, and your contracts for this lifetime, which are forcing you apart.

His desires for this life are about control and ownership. You are one of his possessions. When you do what he wants, you are prized and honored; but when you rebel and try to be your own person, you are the enemy to be re-conquered. Your desires for this lifetime were to find your own strength and recognize the power of freedom of choice. You also are working on finding the talents that have been yours here and in past lives.

Healing has always been a passion of yours. Will you let your husband’s control keep you from it this time around? You thrive in the presence of many people, while he sees that as a threat to his control. Do you wish to live his life desires or your own? Ask yourself what you truly feel about the life you are being forced to live. If you wish to honor yourself, take back the power over you that you have given to your husband and start making your own decisions.

He can continue to rule your life only if you allow it. Make your choice. Decide if you are living his life or your own. Feel what is the right direction for you and then don’t fear taking it. You have given enough time to his wants. His expectations, as you say, are his not yours. Create your own goals and go for them.

Reincarnation or not

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, the soul named Elias who is channeled says that there is no reincarnation, but rather simultaneous / all happening right now and uncountable in number incarnations from the higher self / energy essence. What is your view on this?  ~Ed, USA

ANSWER: We are talking points of view here. From the point of view of the consciousness of the soul, it can only be focused and participating in one life at a time. You can only feel physically the nerve endings in one body at a time—that is where your consciousness is focused in that moment. In order to experience diverse patterns of life the soul must assume different physical bodies. A male body thriving on being a military commander cannot experience childbirth, so it would be necessary to have different lives to experience both. We call the process of trying different roles in different bodies “reincarnation.”

The soul goes through a series of lives to learn various lessons it wants to understand. You cannot be both a slave and a master in the same life, but you could in two different lives. You may want to accept the power and majesty of your soul essence while in physical form but be unable to fully appreciate the totality in just one lifetime. You would then have to try in a different body from a little different angle to see if you get it. Each of these factors requires your concentration in a new way.

You may argue that the common man can multitask. And to a degree we agree. However, people cannot learn efficiently if they are just using a portion of their brain. If you are text messaging while walking, at some point you are going to walk into something or get yourself hurt. Both tasks would then be unfinished and would have to be redone to complete them.

That is all from the conscious state of a body. Our soul essence is not restrained by a body or by the need to differentiate between lessons. For the soul, everything is happening simultaneously. But you can experience the full impact of only one act at a time—that upon which you focus. This is like a compact disc. It has many tracks upon it, each one a recording of an event. Can you read all of them at once? No! You have to focus on one track and then it is comprehensible. We hope this little explanation has helped you.

Rash actions aftermath

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, two years back, I suddenly parted myself from the company where I worked without giving any notice. I was feeling the owner had planted nasty politics against me and I wanted to teach him a lesson. Though this owner had a great respect for me, in my angry disposition, I just walked out of the office one day, leaving a lengthy explicit note on his table about how cruel he had been to a person (me) who had done a lot for the organization. After two years I remember the incident and cry at my stupid and rash behaviour and wish I had talked to him and cleared out the differences. My mind says I was right in giving him a dose as he was indeed planning something nasty against me. He has a reputation like this of being very insecure, calculative, manipulative, and firing people after he extracts and makes use of smart employees’ talents and best skills. My heart misses him and keeps telling me he was not his typical tough self with me as he has been with others, being quite romantic and domesticated towards me. Strangely, now I feel him to be my twin flame and long very dearly to be with him forever as he remains in mind 24/7. I know he will never call me because of the way I treated him. Masters, please guide me. Is this person my twin flame? Are we destined to be reunited? If not, how should I erase him from my mind? Is our Karmic Connection over? Please guide me how to end my agony. ~Anonymous, India

ANSWER: This man is not your twin flame or even a soul mate. It is your sense of guilt that has required you to give a reason to yourself for your actions. You cannot think clearly about anything that happened here, as demonstrated by your contradictory question. You say you “knew” he was going to do something to you because of your diligence, as he had done to others, but you don’t really know that. You claim he had planted misinformation about you but then that he was always kind, loving, and respectful to you.

You intimated that he had been cruel to you but you don’t know exactly how you came to that conclusion. How could you possibly know what he was planning against you? This is your justification for your own actions. What we are feeling from you at the moment is guilt, confusion, and embarrassment for your rashness. Nothing is right or wrong in this world and things can always be looked at from many different sides.

The past is past and cannot be redone. You have to accept that fact. What you do with the future is important. Center yourself in the moment with no past and no future. How do you feel about yourself in this moment? What would you like to manifest for your immediate future? Start seeing that as a possibility, then take actions to bring it into being.

If you want to see if anything can flourish between you and your former boss, send a letter of apology for your rash behavior. Ask to meet with him to talk it out. If he has any feeling for you now he will meet with you. If he doesn’t he will either ignore the letter or send a terse response. If his reply is negative, know that he is not ready to rekindle anything that was there and you have to move on. If his reply is positive, just see where it can take you.