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The one and only man for me

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I am looking for the man who is given to me through divine right. I don`t want to have relationships like I’ve had up to this time. I feel that I need someone to spiritually connect with, not someone superficial! I met a man but I am afraid of dating him just because I am scared of him not being the one. I know I could feel so much for him! Is he the one who is mine through divine right or just another lesson to learn from? I am asking this because before meeting him I was asking the Infinite Spirit to give me the man who is mine!  ~Iulia, Romania

ANSWER: No soul has the right to possess another soul. All souls have freedom of choice in every aspect of their relationship. Romantic relationships, during an incarnation on Earth, are but a small part of the reason you came to body form. It is a fallacy that you only have one potential romantic connection in this life. You have possibilities on many levels. What has been in the past has been on physical levels only, accompanied by lessons in self-worth.

You have chosen the area of love to express most of the lessons you are here to learn. The interaction within relationships tests your understanding of life. Do you have faith in yourself? Are you giving away your energy to another to betray, abuse, control, or cause you to question your ability to function? You feel that there is one and only one man in your world who will allow you to find fulfillment. That is not true.

As you have progressed through the various stages of spiritual awareness and growth, your perception of others has changed. Seek first someone on the level of spiritual understanding where you now reside; then let it become a romantic relationship. Don’t let your hormones guide you and become physically involved before you have a sense of the spiritual nature of this man. You are both on paths of learning; study together—it’s more fun that way.

Charging for healing

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I feel that my healing work is very valuable to my clients. But I’m very afraid to charge a higher fee in case people think it’s too much because they do not realize the value they receive. If I were to charge a higher fee, would I end up being able to help people more, or less? And would I be better off financially, or end up with fewer clients and less money? Can you suggest any way I can overcome my fear of charging more?  ~Angela, Australia

ANSWER: The issue of setting prices affects every merchant in the world. You don’t consider yourself a merchant? Anyone who gives service for a fee is a merchant. You have to evaluate the services you are providing and set a price that reflects what the buyer is receiving. You can have the best product on the planet but if the customer does not feel she has purchased the best she will not assign a high value to it in her world. In other words, she will not think it is truly going to affect the condition she came to you to alleviate.

You channel a tremendous amount of healing energy from the universe to your clients. In any healing there are two elements that must be in synchronization: the healer and the healed. If recipients don’t feel they are getting top-notch service and the best of energy, they will not allow themselves to be healed. For most people a reflection of value is the price paid. Your prices are currently too low—they do not reflect what you are providing.

New clients will not think your prices are too high. Older clients who have appreciated what you can provide will be unhappy at first because the bargain-basement days are gone, but they will come around. You will see satisfaction levels increase because people will have more faith in the outcome.

Your own feelings have to do with your issues of confidence and self-worth. When you sense discomfort around money, ask yourself: what makes me feel this way? What am I feeling? That will point to your lessons so you may complete them and have this fear disappear from your life.

About the chakras

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

QUESTION: How is the higher heart chakra, which is said to be in the thymus region, different from and related to the heart chakra?                ~Lee, Singapore

ANSWER: Chakras are the energy centers regulating the flow of energy within the physical body. There are seven major centers which have been studied at length for their effect on the body. The heart center of these bodily vortexes is the central point in the energy cycle. The physically dominant centers are below the heart and the spiritually dominant are above the heart. The heart has aspects of both; it is the organ that keeps the body functioning and is the repository of the feelings of the soul.

When you leave the physical body and venture into the non-physical realms of the person, you enter into an entirely different and additional set of chakras. The higher heart chakra, of which you inquire, is part of this etheric rather than physical system. If you overlaid the etheric pattern over the human body, the higher heart center would be in the thymus region.

The higher heart center, like the heart center, is all about regulating the experience that is felt by the body, even though it is positioned outside the physical body. The experiences it regulates have more to do with the mental and emotional aspects of living and learning than the physical ones.

In addition to the patterns of chakras that you have mentioned, there are layers that radiate out from the body, creating a series of shell-like coverings. Each layer is subtly related to the spiritual path that the soul has entered. The circles closer to the body relate to the most physical and those further out to the most spiritual.

All physical chakras relate to life-lessons the soul has undertaken. The spiritual chakras relate to the connections the soul has between its current physical life and all its previously learned experience, as well as the awareness of its essence that it has been able to bring into the physical life. The more spiritually aware people become, the more they are connected to the universal oneness.