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Haiti and 2012

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, please, could you bring some intelligence and wisdom to this whole 2012 end-of-the-ages debate? What should we expect? What if anything should we prepare for?    ~Scott, USA

ANSWER: We have also been asked to comment on the happenings in Haiti. Many outrageous statements have been made by the publicity seekers of your world. These have ranged from “an agreement made with the devil” to a “man-made disaster” for political reasons, to aid being very publicly given in exchange for looking good in the world and future personal gain. We wish to clarify the occurrence since some aspects of these events, Haiti and 2012, are intertwined.

During the past two-and-a-half years, while we have been communicating with you through this medium, we have talked about many of the interconnected energies that have contributed to the current situation in Haiti, and changes on the physical plane leading up to the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Your planet’s surface is composed of a series of geological plates that slide over, under, and around each other, referred to as tectonic plates. Several of these meet under the landmass upon which Haiti rides. One fault (the area where the edges of two plates come together) under the island has been building up pressure. Normally the plates slip a little against each other every year. This particular plate combination has been frozen for many years, creating an intense pressure.

The recent earthquake was a release of that pressure. Instead of moving fractions of inches a year, pent-up energy moved the plates almost six feet against each other, which resulted in a tremendous shifting along the entire plates and everything connected to them. The aftershocks were the motions of other landmasses along the plates that had not released with the first tearing. The Earth was shaking itself and stretching to release tight muscles, much like any other being that has become tense from having spent too long in a cramped position.

That is the physical cause and effect. Human energetic action also plays a part through the negative and positive energies generated by the incarnate souls existing in that area. We have explained in the past that planet Earth was set up as a place where a soul might go to experience all the facets of a particular lesson, such as love, hate, betrayal, control, and these can only be experienced in an arena of polar opposites. For each positive aspect on the planet there is an opposing negative aspect. One may not appreciate the positive aspect or the negative aspect unless one is able to see and experience its opposite.

These opposing energies are balanced—for all the good there is an equal amount of evil. When a person or group concentrates on negativity or evil, good energies are held at bay in that area. The practice of certain religious beliefs or rituals involves calling upon evil discarnates (souls who have left their bodies but have chosen not to return Home to unconditional love). The religion aims to assist in obtaining power, control, and riches, and it gathers an extremely powerful negative energy.

This negative energy does in fact impact the flow of energy around geological areas of the planet. An easier way to understand this is to know that, like a person, the planet possesses an energy body. It is affected by the presence of negativity and responds to it. Although this is by no means the only cause, this has partially contributed to the stalling of the movement of the plates over the years, which has allowed the pressure to build up.

At this time in the history of your planet you are reaching a point in the 26,000-year cycle of the movement of planets in your solar system where they will reach a perfect alignment with the sun at the center. This will happen at the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, in your calendar. You are aware of the impact that your small moon has upon water on your planet by observing the daily tides. You also have observed the effect the full moon can have on the mental state of some people. Consider the multiplied potential effect of all the planets lining up across the galaxy and you can understand the power that is beginning to be felt by you as a human being and planet Earth as an energetic body. Some of the planets in your system are reaching a closeness that occurs only every 26,000 of your Earth years. This impacts everything.

In areas were negativity has stopped the balance of nature, the force of the universe to balance itself at this time of alignment will cause a lot of physical release to occur. This will be played out in such things as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, famine, starvation, and will affect the human psyche, resulting in terrorism and wars. On a spiritual level, people who are open to this new flow of energy will see that they are able to communicate through the energetic dimensions to seek advice from those souls and masters in non-physical form.

The powerful influence of this planetary energy has been building for several years and will be present for several years after the 2012 alignment. Incidents such as that in Haiti will occur again before this cycle is completed. Earth is stretching and balancing her energies. Souls may assist her by intentionally sending positive energy to her so she doesn’t have to create such drastic events to reach stability.

On an individual level, be open to the flow of this empowered energy. Surround yourself with positive energy so the flashes of negativity will have no effect upon you. Join with others to send healing energy out into the masses to defuse some of the gathered hostility that exists. Use the now-available connections to the masters and guides to become ever more aware of your true essence as a soul.

Reach out to seekers around you and learn what they have been able to understand about the journey of the soul. Find the purpose that brought you here. Inquire into the lessons you undertook during this life, which you may not completely understand. All of these things, and more, in the spiritual vein will be open to you if you seek them. Open your eyes, your mind, but especially your heart at this time to delve into your feelings, which connect you to all other souls on Earth and at Home.