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All in the family

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, are you aware of other entities currently being channeled, like Elias? Are you aware of the Seth Materials? How different would your approach be to delivering this material?                                        ~Amrith

ANSWER: Are we aware of Uncle Shamus or Aunt Deliah or Cousin ____  (insert the name of your choice here)? We have an awareness of all souls who share our divine essence, which is to say all the energy in existence. So, yes, we know them.

Elias, Seth, Abraham, Kryon, White Eagle, and many more entities have assumed a direct role in guiding humanity. The role of each is to provide information that will stimulate the group they are impacting at a level that enables the recipients’ growth, and their understanding of themselves as souls and of their place in the universe.

These entities each work in a unique manner. Some insert themselves into the situation by entering the channel in a trance state; others come through directly with the full awareness of the channel. Some work individually, and some come in groups.

Whatever the manner of their presence, their message is whatever will be best received by the audience involved. The older the material, the more rigid it is, conforming to the structure expected in former days of information based on higher belief. It has the feel of a learned professor lecturing from a rostrum, using endearing words, sometimes even showing understanding of listeners’ childish inexperience and lack of knowledge.

Modern messages are lighter, taking into consideration that the pre-eminent mission of the soul is to realize that all learning is effected through its exercise of free  choice. For this reason, our messages, and those of some contemporaries, are not demanding, demeaning, or unequivocal; rather, they point out the options available for choices to be made. All these messages acknowledge the soul’s powers, which are the first step to its awareness of self.

The mission we as a group have undertaken is to illuminate and inform, not to control nor to direct action. We will never tell someone they must do something, because that takes away their freedom of choice. And now that the awareness of our divine non-physical guidance is being accepted, we are also bringing the message of enjoying this process you are going through with love, light, and laughter.

We come with total openness and the advice that our message may not be right for all people at this time. See how the information resonates with you; if you are not ready today, put it on the shelf for tomorrow.

Exploring love

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

QUESTION: Masters, I’m wondering if it is possible to live a life apart from one’s soul group? Until recently, I have spent much of my life alone, both physically and emotionally. I’ve always had the sense that I do not fit in with my family and friends, almost as if I live in a different universe. I love my husband, but I feel that even he is on a different vibration. This became even clearer to me after I began my process of spiritual awakening. Recently, however, I gave birth to a daughter. The sense of overwhelming joy and connection I feel toward her is awesome and something completely new to me. I feel we can communicate without words. I feel that she must be from my soul group, but I’m wondering if she is the only one. Is it my misperception that I have been alone all of this time? Am I making too much of the connection I feel with my daughter? Will I feel this overwhelming connection with another soul in the future?            ~Diana, USA

ANSWER: Our direct answer to your question about soul group interaction is that you decided how many or how few dealings you were going to have with others before you incarnated. Your choice was to spend quite a bit of time unaffected by your group energy so that you might sense your individual essence apart from the group dynamic. This was part of your spiritual growth process.

Your daughter is a member of your soul group and is here to help with and witness the next phase of your discovery. You are already beginning to make distinctions between physical love and universal unconditional love. The love you have for your husband is on a physical level, while the love for your daughter spans the dimensions back to Source. Your husband is not ready to reach that far out of himself to join the two of you.

You have never been truly alone during your life, but those who accompanied you were non-physical and you were not ready to detect them. You have planned for others from your group to enter your lives in the future. Just be open to the essence of those whom you meet. It is also possible that your husband may advance to the point of being able to bridge that gap into unconditional love as well, and then, although he is not a soul mate, you will be able to share the ultimate love energy with him.