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Indigo and Crystal Children

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Q. Masters, I keep hearing the terms “Crystal” and “Indigo” children. What do they mean?

A. Dear Searcher, you are referring to the advanced souls who are coming down to the planet at this time to help out with the chaos that is going on. Both groups of youngsters are advanced souls who have incarnated and do not have complete amnesia as to the former lives they have lived on planet Earth. Therefore they seem like adults in children’s bodies.

The Indigos are very psychic and are geared toward leadership, so they do not like to take orders. They have been dubbed “rule busters” by many educational groups. They have very inquisitive minds and are easily bored, because learning comes easily for them since they still remember having done the same things before. They do not spend time on things that they have already mastered so they are frequently thought to have ADD or ADHD. It is important to stimulate them continually until they find their little niche—then they will pull themselves along like prodigies.

Crystal children are empathic but more introspective. They have some residual memories of other lives as well. They cannot stand conflict and have been called peacemakers within society. They must have time alone to balance themselves and are very connected to the energy of the Earth. They sometimes just want to go inside and run away from the conflicts, so they may be diagnosed as autistic or may become depressed. Give them a lot of love but also their space.