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Contacting the departed

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Q. Masters, the television series called Ghost Whisperer shows an interaction between physical and non-physical souls, with the deceased energies causing all kinds of problems and even harm to the physical ones. Is this what really happens?

A. Dear television watcher, the portrayals that are enacted on Ghost Whisperer are dramatized to draw an audience. Some transitional spirits, those that have left their physical body but have not let loose completely of the contact with their earthly life, do try to interact with living people. In most cases the souls do not fully accept that they have left their physical body and wish to stay on Earth—we call these souls discarnates. Most died with some very strong emotion firing within them. They may have been outraged at the reason for their death or the person responsible for it. They may feel they have information that will allow those they left behind to deal better with their passing. Revenge, greed, hatred, control issues are all very powerful emotions that may keep a soul from letting go after their life is terminated.

When the soul passes out of the physical body it enters an energetic form. Within this framework it is very difficult for it to directly interact with someone in physical form. It may, however, be very easy for them to affect the energy surrounding a living person to let them know they are still around and even what it is that they want. If the deceased is working with a very strong emotion, it may give their energy sufficient strength to be felt by another. Someone who had contact with the departed before transition also may be more susceptible to feeling the energy because they are familiar with the entity’s human energy pattern. Someone who is very sensitive to energy also may be more affected, which makes it seem as if the deceased is physically reaching out from the grave and grabbing the living. Harm may come only if the receiver is open to accepting all aspects of the energy from the discarnate. Instead, the living person may choose only to hear the thoughts and may block the strong, harmful emotions attached.

A televised presentation that is more of the average kind of interchange between physical and non-physical beings can be seen in Medium, which is still somewhat dramatized. Common interaction can be seen in James Van Praagh’s  Beyond and John Edward’s Crossing Over. Both of these shows deal with souls that have transitioned, but in most cases have gone all the way Home, and just come back to check on the living. Very few of the hundreds of readings that are provided through these shows deal with discarnates because most souls when they have completed their time on Earth cannot wait to get back Home into unconditional love. They are aware of the fact that they are not precluded from making contact with their loved ones either directly or through sensitives.

Your loved ones do wish to maintain contact and to reassure you that they are happy and content at Home. Frequently they will use their energy to give you clues, such as sounds, smells, or even a disturbance of the air around you that feels just like a caress.  You are encouraged to speak to them just as you did when you could physically see them— they will hear you and they still love you.