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Beings lurking about

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am in search of an explanation or guidance. With Reiki which I usually use when cleaning energy from the environment (in my house), I see some spiritual beings. They are close to walls, with their black robes and hood. Never see their faces. I ask mentors and protection of these beings leave. I need to know if this really happens or is it my imagination. If it is true, why are they there? What I need to learn or do with it? I am very grateful for your help and happy with your answers ~Suian, Brasil

ANSWER: Your house contains a portal through which nonphysical spirits move. Most are of the light and you are never even aware of their transit. The ones in black, hooded robes are disincarnates, which are negative spirits who remained on Earth after their bodies expired because they wished to continue to interact with humans.

These beings have refused to return to the light because they are forces of negativity that cannot exist in the unconditional love of Home until they give up their negative energy and trade it in for positive love. They slink around the shadows hoping they will not be noticed so that they might find positive energy to steal to maintain themselves. This is not your imagination.

Your constant cleaning prevents them from building up a large enough mass of negativity to overpower you. Your mentors, guides, and healing guides are keeping them at bay at your request. What you need to do is either close the portal or place a white light filter on it, which will only allow beings of the light to use it.

If you close it, the positive energies, which will never bother you, will have to find another transit. If you place a filter on it, the negative beings will be barred while the loving spirts will not be affected.

To deal with the portal, it will be easiest if you have two other positive souls assisting you. Form a circle, burn incense in the corners of the room, have a few quartz crystals to increase your power, and while asking your guides for assistance, place your request for a filter or a closure of the passageway. Repeat your request three times.

Taking an idea and giving it life

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, after spending years asking my inner self what my life mission was, in 1977 I saw a beautiful Light Being who told me to go to a farm to build a place where courses could be offered promoting spiritual awareness and the need and means to restore and preserve nature, which would be important for this changing time now occurring like one of the survival areas. I was told others would come to help. In 1984 I found the place as described, bought the land and worked the best way I could. Faced many difficulties along the way… Now I see myself basically alone, lost and the place closed useless… Was it all an illusion, an invention of my ego? What did I do wrong? What´s the lesson and what to do now? I will be very grateful if I deserve an answer. ~Ana, Brasil

ANSWER: Beings of the Light will never tell you what to do. They will give you suggestions but not dictate your actions. This entity was a discarnate who gave to you the dream it had but could not complete. It had not moved on because it wanted to interest someone else in fulfilling its desires.

You put tremendous pressure upon yourself to come up with a mission, a purpose for living that would allow you to help others. This did not help you but only gave you a ton or work that needed to be done. You created a dream based upon the wishes of another and then placed all of your energy into it.

This was an experience of going where you were directed and permitting yourself to think it was exactly what you wanted. If it had been useful to others, the energy would have drawn people to you to make it a success. It is time to start feeling for yourself and taking responsibility for your actions.

All people create the illusion they wish for their life. You did that, but only at the direction of another. Meditate on what your soul wishes to create for yourself. Don’t worry about helping others until you have been able to help yourself. Nothing is right or wrong; everything is just an experience that you can evaluate for the benefit it has provided you. Determine what you want and make it so.

Be careful what you wish for

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m having a hard time opening my third eye. I feel like a tsunami of negativeness is overwhelming my senses. I know it’s not mine but it is difficult to deal with. I feel like as I was able to see the aura and it was wonderful, now I can see negativity and it is awful. Also I can see holes in people. It is very disturbing. But I can see now that seeing holes is a way of helping people to cope. Is it real? Am I getting it right? Because I am very disturbed even knowing it is mediumship approach… help me… I need understanding.. ~Vania, Brasil

ANSWER:  It is important for you to define exactly how you anticipate that the opening of your third eye is going to benefit you. Everyone has an individual experience in connecting with dimensional energy beyond the third-dimensional dual energy from Earth.

Your ability to see auras and holes in people comes from connections outside of your physical body, and the reception comes through the workings of the third eye. Seeing both negative and positive is part of the process.

You bring to yourself what you need to experience. That said, all the negativity is coming to you, and at you, so you can recognize it and learn how to block it from interfering in your life.

There are a number of very negative people with whom you associate, and they bring along their junk when they are with you. Talking about negative things also brings the energy. Stop interacting with people out of habit, and always ask yourself if they serve a purpose of helping you learn lessons. If they do not, don’t waste time and take a negative beating from them.

Change your life so that you protect yourself from the dark by covering yourself in white, protective light. Get rid of negativity and judgment. You do not need an ego to lead a spiritual life. Stop thinking about things using the mental teachings in your head. Feel with your heart powered by unconditional love.

The information you are receiving is a form of mediumship, which is nothing more than allowing your unconscious higher self and your guides to offer suggestions to you for your benefit and for the benefit of those you assist. With all information, regardless of the source, follow and use it only if it resonates with your soul.


Confusing messages

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I can feel the healing/cleansing that my channeler did for me, but her interpretations / explanations of my life events do not resonate with me at all, and thus left me confused. Am I in denial mode? Or is there more than one soul in me? I don’t understand why I chose all these life events. I could communicate with my spirit guides and angels, but not clearly, thus still confused. Any wisdom or advice you could impart to me would be greatly appreciated! ~Wanchain, Canada

ANSWER: You are residing in that body alone; no additional soul or negativity accompanies you. One of your life lessons is to stop wanting others to tell you what to do and think. It is time to drop judgment, which is the purview of the ego, and evaluate what is happening to you, which comes from your unconscious.

You are intensely grading everything around you. You are thinking about events instead of feeling how they relate to you. Acknowledging that something does not resonate with you is a good step toward creating belief systems that are your own and not left over from the desires and teachings of others. This manifests in a reality of your own making.

Any time someone tells you something, including us, you should see how it feels; if it doesn’t resonate, then put it aside. Possibly revisit it in the future to see how it feels, but definitely do not feel bound by its pronouncements.

Your guides are communicating with you, but your expectation of the form of this communication is preventing you from benefiting. You anticipate an oral conversation and they are giving you visual messages. Flashing lights, bells and tones, as well as happenings on television and articles in magazines are being put in your way for you to see their advice. Relax and be aware of everything in your present vicinity.

Channeler can only convey to you the messages they receive, which can be limited by their own thoughts or lack of experience in the meaning of the situation presented. This is why running all things through your feelings instead of your thoughts will make your conclusions your own.