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Helping at the end of life

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am a professional Caregiver and lately deal with a lot of Souls who are making their transition over to the Spirit World. It is through illness or because off age! The hardest part for me is letting go and knowing they don’t have long left to live. I keep strong and keep smiling to make their life left on Earth as happy as I can for them. You build this trust and bond, it does make it harder to let go but it is so worthwhile at the end. I love my job and to take care of people, but for every caregiver its mentally hard to keep going and to keep smiling and not to give up! Masters just would like to know that all the people I cared for and made their transition over to the Spirit World are fine, I still think about every single one of them. ~Sylvia, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You are searching for a family, and your position allows for you to just get to the point of comfort when they move on. You are doing a fantastic service for these departing souls, but you yearn to be able to maintain the contact you have started to establish.

It is time to be honest with yourself and ask what, besides just doing the job as it is outlined, you seek from these interactions. You are going much beyond just taking care of the needs – physically, mentally, and emotionally – of these wonderful souls; you are taking them into your heart with a desire that they remain there. You understand that they are in transition, but you don’t fully accept that because of your need for continued companionship.

You have to understand that when souls leave the duality of Earth, with all its negativity, they enter an existence of unconditional love where they rejoin all the other souls they have spent time with in the present and past lives. There is no negativity, so there is no pain, no unhappiness, no distress, and no worry about what they experienced before arriving Home.

It is possible for you to visit with these souls at Home under a deep meditation, hypnosis, or while your soul travels when you are asleep. Put your intention out to the universe to do so and instruct your unconscious to provide the vehicle. But don’t forget to ask your soul to help you remember the contacts after you awaken.

It is time to also invest in honoring yourself for all the difficult work you do. Pamper your body, take up a new hobby, go for a long walk and commune with nature. While you are still here, it will help your clients if you have a bright perspective in the moment.

When does help come

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters during a pendulum session, my guides said that I needed to call Master Koala for help with a particular situation. The message given by Master Koala was of great comfort. Do the Masters only come to us when we are deeply distressed and how does their work differ from our guides? ~Querida, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Any information provided by a nonphysical source originating from the unconditionally loving universe can be referred to as coming from a guide of one sort or another. A soul generally has made agreements with certain other souls that they will watch over and provide assistance to those who have chosen to come to Earth. These are sometimes called personal guides.

Your personal guides usually do not stay with you your entire life since you have need for help from specialists, in one subject or another, from time to time. This would be like having a scholastic tutor, a love coach, and a spiritual guru when you enter each of these phases of your life.

A master is a soul who has spent many, many lives, perhaps hundreds, studying one aspect of human living until they have experienced every potential within that category. Masters may have one or more areas of specialization and are more than happy to provide assistance – but you need to ask; they cannot interfere without an invitation.

Even with an invitation, a master or a guide will never “tell” you what to do because that would compromise your freedom of choice. They will give suggestions, options, and possibilities but will never say: “Do this.” If you have ever had an experience where a nonphysical energy has told you, in no uncertain terms, to do this or that, that energy was not a being of the light but a discarnate still attached to the Earth plane. These beings do not have to be truthful, and they enjoy causing trouble.

Masters and guides are always available; all you need to do is ask. Once you have established a dialogue with a few of them, you will find it very easy to have them as friends who are there when you need them – no crisis is necessary.


What qualifies a soul as a guide?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, having been told that my spirit guide was Marcus Aurelius (also said to have been my husband in that life) I wrote to you some years ago and had that confirmed. Thankfully, I have now managed to rid myself of this guide; but please could you tell me how anyone of his ilk could be set as a spirit guide to any soul, considering the level of war, slaving, persecution and greed his life entailed? It seems akin to Hitler or Count Dracula being put “over” someone’s spiritual development. ~Linda, Britain

ANSWER: The soul who spent a life as Marcus Aurelius has spent hundreds of other lives as all kinds of human beings, just as you have. When a soul decides to experience what society considers to be horrific, all that anyone comments on or remembers is the life that is contrary to what they think they would do under the same circumstances.

When you shared the planet with Marcus as his wife, you also shared all of his propensities for murder and mayhem. Does that make you understand him a little better? Both of you were experiencing lessons from personal characteristics you wanted to try out. You knew that you were not that personality permanently but only as you played that part. All souls are like actors and actresses – one role is as a deplorable creep and the next may be as Mother Teresa.

Souls come to Earth to experience negativity because that is the only place it exists. Once they complete that particular life and go back Home, they enter into unconditional love and no longer have any negativity in them. The soul who was Marcus is in your same soul group and you two have spent a number of lives together. Each of you has also stayed at home and been a guide for the other. It is only your current Earthly ego prejudices that cause you to have such a strong reaction to his presence.

The essence of all souls is the same. All were broken off from the unconditional love of Source and, being such a piece, have all of Source’s powers and abilities. You don’t remember this at first when you come into a body, and some never become aware during a lifetime if it involves mostly negativity. That does not change who they really are – a piece of magnificent, all-loving Source energy.

Earth, with its duality, is governed by ego judgment; everything is rated, graded, and judged. Spirituality, where all souls are essentially perfect and unconditionally loving, contains no judgment. Souls come to Earth either to experience evil themselves or to witness it being demonstrated by others so that they may not have to exercise it themselves.