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Clarity re: spirit contact

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have been recently going through spiritual enlightenment. I have the ability to do automatic writing by accessing my Akashic record. The problem is I sometimes get conflicting information from outside sources to the information my Guides give me. I’m a part of small group right now and frequently I will access my Akashic record after we meet and the information I’m given differs in small ways to their Guides’ information. I’m unsure who or what is accurate as I know we are all spirits having a human experience but I want/need to know if my channel is clear or is it being tainted by my conscious mind or ego or is their information tainted?! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: Those who channel information from the nonphysical world must have it come through their physical body. The body is controlled by the mind, which is primed from birth to exist in ego-based judgment. Nothing is considered to be important unless it is judged, graded, or rated against the rest of the information available in society.

It is difficult to channel for oneself since the very fact that you “think” of the question to which you want an answer means that you access your thinking mind – the seat of ego. The form you use, automatic writing, is a little less influenced than having only verbal communication. Being able to totally clear your mind before you begin to take the dictation prevents a lot of interference.

People channel at the vibration they have reached through their spiritual enlightenment. A person who is close to ego-based energies has difficulty obtaining “clear” material. One who has removed most ego and negativity can obtain great clarity in positive, unconditionally loving energy.

When you receive information from a particular soul, and someone else uses the same source, the material will be closer to identical, except for the influence of vibrational filtering. Some people are capable of receiving messages only at a grammar school level, others at high school, and still others at college or graduate level. Don’t depend on seeing identical reports.

Some days you will find it easier to make contact and gather answers because of your mental or emotional state. What is important is having no expectations as to the result of your connection. Rely on how you “feel” about the outcome, not being concerned with how you “think” about it.

Dealing with messages and intuition

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, My fiancé and I were recently involved in a serious rollover car accident while moving. It was very scary, and we are lucky to be alive. Prior to the accident, he had several dreams that seemed to be warnings of some kind. I was having an intuitive feeling that it was not the right time for us to move, but instead of paying attention to that feeling, I did not listen. Since the accident, I have felt a little lost, confused, and guilty for not honoring my intuition, even though I know feeling guilty is not constructive. On top of this, despite efforts to remain positive, he and I have been arguing frequently and I am feeling sad. Masters, do you have any guidance for me at this time? Was this accident a challenging lesson in trusting my intuition? ~Alison, United States

ANSWER: All lessons you experience are to gather knowledge about life and yourself. Nothing is truly right or wrong – it is merely to help you determine how you will handle the next exercise and whether you need to repeat the event again. This series of events, his and yours, were all about having faith in yourself and knowing that you are more than just your physical body.

You are both going through a period of self-doubt since you recognize that you ignored the forewarnings you both received. Each of you is feeling a little guilty for placing the other in harm’s way. These doubts are signposts of lessons still unattended to. Lessons always are presented in negativity so your choice is to remain there or to move everything into the positive energy. Sadness, despair, depression, and guilt are the base emotions that will remain present at this time until you choose others, hopefully in the positive energy of hope and love.

One of the main, in-your-face situations here is that you need to live in the moment, being always aware of what is immediately around you. Don’t relive the accident, or try to see what you could have done differently. Be in the here and now and interact with the present. You can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, but you can work with the present, choosing how to move forward.

Communication without assessing blame or fault is very important at this time to maintain your relationship. You each must decide to start from this day forward with the rest of your life.

Rhesus negative blood

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters Scientists can’t explain the human Rhesus negative blood – where it came from and when. Some articles say it’s extraterrestrial in heritage some say that it’s a normal mutation like the color of our eyes for example. What is it? ~Mari, Finland

ANSWER: There are a lot of things scientists can’t explain, such as why people have different eye colors, or how skin colorations came into existence. There are many variables in the phenomenon that is humanity.

The Rhesus factor, which is a protein in the blood, is either present (Rh-positive) or not (Rh-negative). It is really not as simple as that, however, as many sub-factors go into the determinations. For instance, a negative may not be vacant of all Rhesus factor but contain an almost insignificant amount of one of the sub- particles.

The importance of the factor comes into play either when a blood transfusion is undertaken between two individuals or in the event of a pregnancy where one parent is predominately considered negative and the other is positive, and the fetus has an opposing factor to that of the mother who is carrying it.

When conflicting blood cells come into contact, they create substances that attack the contrasting factor. During a transfusion this can result in fever, hives, or anaphylaxis. In the case of a fetus it can result in stillbirth, damage to internal organs, or a blood disorder in the baby necessitating a complete blood replacement transfusion.

The presence of these proteins in one’s blood is mostly genetic as it runs within racial categories, being very prevalent in those from the Mediterranean, parts of Europe, and the area around Egypt. Those from Southern Africa and Central and South America have very little incidence.

Your readings have given you two pathways, and we say it is a bit of both. As humans have evolved, intermarried, traveled around the globe, and been affected by environmental factors, their bodies have adapted and changed to match the place they live and their bodily needs.

There were some places on the planet that were visited and populated by beings from other planets. Some of their DNA was mingled with that of humans and then passed on to progeny. One of the largest population areas was in extremely ancient Egypt, before modern archeologists even report people existing, during the building of the Sphinx and some pyramids.

All of this is just by way of historical reference as it doesn’t solve the problems created by this protein. Physicians have figured out ways to deal with it and may even devise a method of removing it from a person in the future.