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Spirits demanding action

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been hearing voices almost non-stop for five days. They use the noise present in the surroundings. They are requesting for me to take big decisions on their terms. I need to know who/what they are, how much evolved, what they want, and most importantly how to get rid of them. ~Y., Spain

ANSWER: Nonphysical energies have the ability to make contact with souls in human form. The beings of the light – those whom we refer to as guides and angels – will never tell you what to do because that would interfere with your freedom to choose. They will only offer advice and give encouragement, always in a positive and loving manner.

As we have always said, negative energies love to play with humans and get you to do things to please them. These may be souls who have left their bodies and never made the transition all the way Home into its unconditional love. They may be a gathering of negativity that wants to mess with your mind. They may also be negative energies directed at you by another living person who wants to control you.

In your case you have a negative soul who has not crossed over to Home and wants to use your body to continue “living.” This being thinks it would be fun to drive your body like a vehicle to do things it can no longer do and never accomplished when it was alive.

You have the freedom to choose whether you want to go along with this entity or send it packing. If you desire to maintain control over your decisions, tell the being in no uncertain terms to leave. Be very clear: “I do not want you here!”

You can further help it leave by burning candles and incense, particularly sage and frankincense. It hasn’t attached to you too much, but taking a bath or shower and rubbing your body with sea salt will break this minimal contact. If it stills hangs around, ask your guides to escort it away. If it persists, ask Archangel Michael to bring in his sword to cut any attachments.

Accessing our divine abilities

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I woke up this morning after having a dream that gave me the idea that we all have the Christ abilities. The power that was given to us as children of God is so enormous that it is difficult to grasp. Why did God make us in his image but then not give us the tools to access these abilities? ~Deborah, US

ANSWER: All souls are broken off from the Source of all energy and, as a fragment, have all the same powers and abilities of which they are composed. When you are in your spirit form you are conscious of all your capabilities. You come to Earth to experience negativity and to try to realize the power of freedom-of -choice, to understand and use your divine powers. You can’t learn anything if you have already been given all the answers.

Only Earth has the conflux of negative and positive. Your essential abilities are all from your core energy of positive unconditional love. If you were always aware how powerful you are, there wouldn’t be any work to learn your lessons about over-coming negativity because you wouldn’t want to be bothered with something that takes so much work.

You do have the ability to use your powers, but it does not come until you have dug yourself out from under the lessons you came to learn. Then you can enjoy the rest of your human existence being and doing whatever you want.

The steps are first for your conscious mind to accept you have these powers. You next have to believe you can use them and then go from a place of knowing how, to actually allowing yourself to use them. Once you have reached this point of finally using your abilities, you then become that soul, acknowledging and using all its abilities at will.

Your whole human journey centers around using your freedom of choice to move through the phases of humanity.

Do heirarchies exist

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, could you clarify for me in what order of hierarchy do Buda, Jesus Christ, Maitreya, M. Trivedi, Grigori Grabovoi and the others that are helping humanity doing miracles, etc.- who comes first? Or are they working together? What would anyone do to help? Are Maitreya’s energy transmissions efficient? Could you also please explain the articles that accuse Maitreya of being the antichrist? I will appreciate your help. ~Maria, Puerto Rico

ANSWER: Many of the names you ask about are designations for personality traits that one might have if they entered a body, came to Earth, and took part in the education and enlightenment of the populace. Hierarchies, and religiously required characteristics are not found anywhere but the duality of your planet.

Within religious, occult, and philosophical organizations there are very structured requirements for those who follow their group to adhere to and hold a belief in. In order to establish some of these rules, statements are attributed to persons who have been known to have held these qualities. Some of these alleged masters are part of folklore or legend. If they are based on people who lived on Earth, those souls had as many human traits controlled by ego as the common man but overcame them to spiritually ascend.

All souls broke off from Source in the unconditionally loving atmosphere of undefined space. Each soul has identical abilities and powers. Some have made a practice of using their talents to help struggling souls on Earth still suffering from amnesia as to their own abilities. There is absolutely no negativity in this space, so an “anti-” anything could not originate from there.

Many have taught about souls’ ability to break away from structure to a place of thinking for themselves and using their freedom to choose where they go and what they do – and particularly what they believe. You should examine all these beliefs you ask about and see if they are important to your life. If they are important, who made the decision that they were? How do you “feel” about each and every judgment? Are you controlled by judgment? That is an indication that your ego is directing your interest. When you let go of ego, you accept everyone’s opinion of things even if it does not resonate with you. Live by the beliefs that feel good to you and ignore all others.