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Wanting a teacher to guide me

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I think I spiritually awakened about 2 years ago and then I’ve been wondering what on Earth is happening here. It is difficult to find my purpose here on Earth. I feel myself as outsider, like I don’t belong here. I have not had any physical guide on Earth (parents or friends or teachers) who would really care and tell how to do things. All have left too soon. I have been in many relationships and they all have been very difficult, why? I feel difficult to fit anywhere. How I will find my purpose here. I’m ready to do anything to find it out. ~Arttu, Finland

ANSWER: All souls are outsiders to the Earth. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to come to the planet to learn about ourselves in the duality of humanhood. Every soul’s purpose for coming is to see if they can understand who they are as a soul, not as a human, and to use their inherent essential powers and abilities to make “heaven on Earth.”

Each soul is on a solo journey, and the purpose of guides is advising only. No one, from the spiritual perspective, will ever tell you what to do. They are not around to show the way or to take your hand and lead you. Many “guides” have been in your path but were available only to give you possibilities and to show you things that had worked for them but might not be appropriate for you. They did not stick around too long because you have a tendency to become dependent easily.

Part of the human journey is to exercise your freedom of choice and to take responsibility for the resulting consequences. You found your relationships to be difficult because you did not share with your partners but wanted them to make all the decisions. And learning the lessons that you chose was not intended to be an easy task. It is only when faced with a negative incident that you have the ability to analyze it and decide to continue or turn it into a positive (i.e., learn your lesson).

Look inward for your direction, not outward for someone else to tell you what to do. You, as a soul, have all the answers inside if you take the time to dig them out. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and commit to doing the necessary work.

Status of discarnates

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters thank you for your advice and information about the dark entity I have been dealing with. I now seem to have more control over the situation. You have said that souls have free will and after death, some, like those I grapple with, choose the dark and remain attached to earth disturbing human beings like me. Does this mean that there are an ever-accumulating number of dark souls/entities? If souls have been incarnating on earth for a billion years and every year some choose not to go to the light, we could have an ever-increasing number of them. Are these dark entities/souls ever required to leave? Or can they, and do they, stay attached to earth forever if they will it so? How many do we have here at this time? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Souls always have free will before, during, and after experiences on Earth and elsewhere. Since all have an essence of unconditional love, regardless of whether their current conscious mind is seeking negative or positive energy, there is perpetually a residual sense that unconditional love is where they belong.

Souls never lose the assistance of their guides, even when they choose to stay in negativity. The guides are there to “hint” at what they are missing. When they tire of their negative ways, they start drifting toward what has consistently resonated within them: the essence of their soul.

Souls who stay in a discarnate, negative state after the body ceases to function remain for totally human reasons such as revenge, a sense they can now get what they have always desired, etc. What they come to learn is that they do not have the same interactive abilities without a body that they had with one. For instance, they cannot punch out the bully they have always feared and despised.

When they realize the frustration of not being able to accomplish what they stayed for, they frequently seek other means of feeling good. This is when the guides come in and show them glimpses of what it is like back Home so that they long to be a part of the whole again. They still are not required to leave, but most do.

There is a continuously fluctuating level of discarnates. The positive/negative balance on the planet is fifty-fifty, so the more who stick around using negativity, the less negativity is available for incarnate souls to learn their life lessons. Right now, the number of souls working on lessons far exceeds the minimal number of souls who are over-staying their plans.

I need to know, but why?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters you gave me an answer that most of the guides working with me are not from my Soul Group. Can you expand on who they are? i.e. any names or group name please? I was also recently told one of my origins is from the Constellation of Orion and I was researching a group called the Mintakans which is located in the constellation of Orion. Am I connected to this Mintaka group? ~S., NZ

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy. Most do not have an identity, such as a group name, to which they ascribe. When not having Earth experiences of their own, many choose to be of assistance to those who are currently in a body dealing with the positive/negative energies of an Earth classroom. Many of these “jobs” were agreed to between the spirit forms and the human forms before incarnation just because they had each chosen where they would be at a particular time.

All origins of every soul are from Source energy. Souls choose to have numerous experiences in places other than the duality of Earth, and these lifetimes become a part of their history or akashic record. Because these appear to be in time before the present consciousness, some consider these lives to create an origin for the present. In point of spiritual fact, all lives are not linear as your understanding of human time is. It is almost impossible for a human mind to be able to conceive of such a circumstance.

Several of your lifetimes involved existences on planets contained in what Earth calls the Orion belt. None of the knowledge and wisdom you obtained in those periods has anything to do with the lessons you chose for this one.

All of the questions you ask deal with the human thought process and not your desired spiritual journey. It is nice to have a working knowledge of history – if it assists you in figuring out why you are here and what you chose for your purpose. The purpose of an existence in this duality is to recognize who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities that allows you to learn from the activities you draw to yourself here.

We hope what we have told you satisfies your curiosity from an historic perspective and that you now can dig into the work you came here to do. But nothing is right or wrong on this spiritual journey – you have total freedom of choice to follow any path that pleases you. Happy journeying.