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Is ex a soul mate?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, is the father of my children, from whom I’m now divorced and with a woman, in my soul group? The reason I ask is because you say in Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Winninger’s book, “Exploring Reincarnation” that we often choose our soul mates to have negative experiences with. I can’t believe he and I are from the same area or group on the Other Side as I see him as very dark and myself as light!! However, at the same time the experience I had with him was so negative I couldn’t imagine entrusting an unknown soul to experience the hell we went through together. I may not have survived to experience it. Please tell me! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: He is a member of your soul group. Who else would you trust with such an intense job? When you are both back at Home you will reunite as unconditionally loving pals. There is no negativity on the Other Side, only a rehashing of what you were able to allow others to experience – per their request, of course.

Once souls enter into the Earth plane, they are completely in the influence of the duality with all its negativity. Your ex portrayed the ultimate negative, horrid person who helped you to understand that you did not have to endure his actions and that you no longer would permit him to dictate to you. With this individual you were able to recognize your power and strength. Without his assistance you would not be able to be aware of your abilities to take care of yourself and your children.

You are still holding on to your hatred of his portrayal in this life. Forgive yourself for staying so long in the dysfunctional marriage – you still blame part of your distress on the abuse you didn’t recognize but continued to endure. Accept that he played a part you had signed up for, thank him for his great acting, love yourself for being able to let all the hurt go, and create a fantastic life for the rest of this incarnation. You owe it to yourself.

You can never relive a portion of your life and make any changes. Once it is past, it can only be used as an example of what you wish to try again or never do again. Living in the present, in each moment as it occurs, allows you to see what your choices are and immediately create that which you desire. Don’t spend time worrying about the future because you can’t influence it unless you are the only person involved. Each additional party is another possible change that can happen before the future arrives.

Always be aware of the things around you; that gives you the freedom to choose what will affect you.

Am I sharing my body?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

QUESTION Masters! Could I be sharing my body with another soul or is someone with me? I had always felt that there was someone with me (I believe sometimes that it is the aborted sibling before I was born) even when I was little I asked my mother if I ever had a twin or something because I felt it in me that there was someone and until I was old enough I found out my mom had an abortion. I often feel it is a man and I am a woman. If you could help me please! ~Maria, Guatemala

ANSWER: Your body is yours alone – no one has hopped on board. You have a number of personal guides with whom you made contracts, before coming to Earth, to stay close beside you and help you feel, and remain in contact with, the nonphysical world. As you examine the trials and tribulations of the physical life on Earth, these various souls are trying to assist you to observe all possibilities instead of just reacting to situations.

Stop trying to find an explanation for what you sense; just see how these sensations make you feel. That is the only important part of this collaboration. The feelings of male and female energy are correct because the guides are trying to get you to interpret situations from all perspectives – and every soul is sexless, having all the characteristics that, on Earth, define gender.

If you start thinking of these energies as invisible helpers and friends, it will be easier to interact with them. When you think something has invaded you, your intellect sees that as threatening and intrusive. Start asking them questions when you are falling asleep at night. This way any answer you awake with will be from them and not your mind analyzing things for you. Remember to ask that you recollect the answer in the morning.

Sometimes negative entities do take up residence in someone’s body, but the person would then feel totally controlled and unable to make any decisions. As you can see, this is not the case for you.

Messages to specific groups

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

QUESTION: Masters. I have heard a lot through the years regarding the messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje. I was raised Catholic and have been very fond of Mother Mary, but as I am on my own Independent Spiritual Path, I question the legitimacy of the messages. From what I have read, these messages seem very specific and revolve around the teachings and beliefs of Catholicism. Is it possible that the receivers are “hearing” messages from other spirits and not Mary and/or the messages are just not coming through clear? I say this because many seem to contradict the lessons and thoughts from you about who we are, about Home and our purpose? ~Mark, USA   

ANSWER: Organized religions need to maintain the mysticism of their doctrines. Through the centuries Mother Mary, in many personas, has been used to hold people to the messages of the Church. You also have, for instance, Our Lady of Fatima, -Lourdes, and -Guadalupe, to mention three more. The humans to whom these messages were delivered have generally been young, impressionable, and very religious.

The Vatican investigates these “sightings” and makes a determination whether they feel an actual communication has come from the soul known as Mother Mary. The material from Our Lady of Medjugorje was determined not to be verifiable. These occurrences have many applications for the organization to which the recipients belong, and they help reinvigorate faith and hope.

This helps a lot of people who are unable to make decisions for themselves. They are being told what to do and what benefits they will obtain for believing or doing as instructed. Hopefully, through trying to sense what they are told will be the result of their adherence to the mandates, they will begin to sense the energy of the Other Side and start thinking for themselves based on their “feelings.”

Just as we advise concerning the materials we have relayed through our channel, do not blindly accept everything you hear. Take all the information and, holding it inside in your feelings, see if it resonates with you. If it does, then make it a part of your reality. If it does not, put it aside and periodically check and see how it feels. Do not try to judge the statements, because you will be drawn into the ego judgment of right and wrong.

Understanding Source

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, your conception of the Source is not the true Source. Since the Source is all-knowing it already knows everything that can be derived through negativity. You have created a dichotomy in which the world you live in is positive and the world we live in has duality. All separations are illusions constructed by the mind. You have created this separation in order to externalize negativity and learn its insights through the channel of Toni. You are trying to dissolve the separation but you are still not able to be one with the people you connect with. The biggest challenge is manifesting physically, hence your fiction of reincarnation based on the fiction of time. This is another challenge, living more than one concurrent history at the same time, which you are unable to do, still living in linear four-dimensional histories. ~George, UK

ANSWER: Where your notion of Source breaks down is in assuming there is any negativity in the positive, unconditionally loving energy that is Source and its environment. The whole human experiment, of living and making choices in a dichotomy of negative and positive, was necessary because the all-knowing Source could only experience that which existed. At that time, all that existed was positive, loving energy, or perfection.

Source could imagine a situation with the opposite of perfection, but it had never been experienced since it did not exist. For that reason, Earth was created and pieces of Source, souls, were broken off to live and gather wisdom within it.

People – by which term we mean souls who are having a physical lifetime – do create their reality through the illusions they choose to accept. There are as many possibilities as there are souls following individually chosen journeys. Only within the duality is there judgment of something as right or wrong according to the human ego. This refers to your declarations, as well.

Time is an illusion measured by the movement of Earth around the sun. Only if these planets are a part of your reality can this measurement be used to discuss concurrency or the concept of histories. Without the restriction of linear time, everything exists simultaneously and your point of focus separates what you observe.

The realization of a soul’s choosing to have more than one experience on Earth, and the resulting awareness of what was learned during each such visit, is not conscious knowledge to most humans. The memories are with the soul in the unconsciousness that most call the higher self, which can be accessed in deep meditation or under hypnosis.

We will reiterate what we have said many times: accept what we say only if it resonates within you now; otherwise, put it on a shelf in case it does so at some other time.