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Soul Names and judgment

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know my soul name, the name I am known as when not incarnate on earth. Why am I not to have this information?  I am trying to come to an understanding of my existence, my previous lives and their impact on this one. I have been told some fascinating information about previous incarnations. I am also trying hard not to be judgmental about the actions of others and see things as their life lessons, especially in my relationship with my husband. How do I progress further? ~Jane, Greece

ANSWER: When you are in your soul essence form, you have no body of any kind. You have no ears, no eyes, and no vocal cords. Communication is done through telepathy and vibrational manipulation. Some of the vibrations are within the range you know as color, some sound, and some electrical vacillations. If we were to convey your name by these means, which is the way we communicate, your human body and mind would not see, hear, or feel it. It would be similar to an African talking to you in Swahili – you might be aware of things but would have no idea what they mean. The name this body was given is only an identity to some, a nickname to which you respond and by which most know you; it is an identity for this incarnation only.

It is possible to connect to your essence when you are in human form without being in esoteric communication with fellow souls. Deep meditation, hypnosis, déjà vu occurrences, and dreams will inform this thinking mind of many past lives and their possible connection with this one. For it to have an impact in this life, you must be able to understand each and every aspect of the energy involved. The only thing really of import now is dealing with the lessons you decided to learn in this lifetime.

One of your lessons is learning to forsake the third-dimensional ego judgment. Spiritual beings do not judge; they merely evaluate what they are observing and decide whether or not they wish to experience the incident they are witnessing in another. Everything occurring on Earth happens for the opportunity to make decisions whether to remain in the negative energy fighting what is going on, or to accept it as a lesson and find the positive aspects within the event.

You have total freedom of choice to remain in the dramas you engage in or to remove yourself from them and find another way. Things that others say or do can affect you only if you allow them to do so. If you accept yourself, and know who you are as a soul, only your opinion is important. The choices are yours.

Why don’t psychedelics work on me?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I see people having fantastic experiences with entheogens, I never had such experiences and I feel a certain aversion within all this, I must insist upon or is not a way for me? I long for the contact of my mentors, my stellar brothers, and to be a Lightworker. What is preventing me from accomplishing this? The meeting of a journey partner (YIN), to jointly develop self-knowledge, spirituality, sexuality and the kundalini? ~Vinicius, Brasil

ANSWER: A soul does not need any outside assistance to reach enlightenment, establish connection with their guides, or be in the presence of Source. All these things can be accomplished with patience, practice, a pure intent, and the acceptance that it is possible.

The minimum that is needed to be in God Consciousness, as most adherents call it, is for you to shut down your thinking mind and give yourself over to your unconscious, feeling nature. Those who accomplish this by the use of entheogens, also called psychedelics, allow their bodies, mental abilities, and physical processes to be chemically altered to prevent conscious thoughts and control of the body.

What happens to the physical self is the loss of inhibitions, the sense of power with the idea that you can do anything, be anything, and know everything. This accomplishes what the religious practitioners who use these substances call experiencing the God within. In fact, you strip off all the human accoutrements and acknowledge the energetic soul as your true identity.

It is possible to get to this same point in a deep meditation without the chemical distress of stomach cramping, purging from both ends, and loss of other bodily functions. What has prevented you from getting positive results from any of these experiments has been your fear. You have to give yourself over completely to the process, whether you use chemicals or meditation.

You want someone to take you by the hand and show you an easy way to get where you want to go. The problem is that what works for one person may not work for another. Meditation is the place to meet your guides. Then permit them to assist you to go even deeper to reach that state of perfect connection with the unconditional love of the god force.

Try using music to lift you above the density of the Earth. Go forward with no specific expectations of what is going to happen, and fly with the rhythm. Clear your mind of all your personal thoughts and seek the sensations of the other souls joining you on your journey. Have patience when you slip back into judging your trip. Start again and float out of your body into the energy.

Another consciousness within

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who has created a separate consciousness within himself stemming from his very soul. He struggles daily to find Harmony. How is this possible? Can he separate from her? How can they rejoin as one? Is she a guide? ~Jeane, United States

ANSWER: Your friend suffers from multiple personality disorder as far as the professional psychiatric community is concerned. As a spiritual malady, he is dealing with pieces of his soul consciousness that have broken off from his major identity in this lifetime. The separation occurred as the result of difficult life lessons by which he was overwhelmed, causing him to split off sections of his conscious memories so as not to have to deal with them.

As he has completed the majority of the additional life lessons he chose for this lifetime, his higher self (soul) has allowed these “hidden” sections to become vocal so that he would become aware of them and see what he could do to understand them and banish (reconnect with) them for all time.

Just like the other lessons, which were apparent from the fears and doubts they projected, this soul fragmentation has made itself known by penetrating into his consciousness. To finish this lesson he must revisit, and learn to understand, what created the rift in the first place.

Working with a spiritually orientated hypnotherapist would be the easiest, and possibly fastest, way to resolve this issue. On his own, he could use self-hypnosis or deep meditation to reach a place where he could dialogue with these pieces of his soul. The purpose is to find why he resists integration and achieve an understanding of the wayward lesson that created this state.

She is not a separate soul but a piece of his own. With work, she may rejoin the whole and move forward as a single entity. She is not a guide. Guides are souls who are each unique with their own experiences, which have nothing to do with your friend.

This integration is one of the lessons he sought. He need only identify the cause for the split, deal with the energies that are triggering the continuation of the division, and choose to be whole.