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Getting forgiveness from a soul

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I remember a previous lifetime in which I had a perfect relationship but due to my not accepting homosexuality and wanting “the traditional”, I broke it off and she committed suicide. I have these memories (feelings) since childhood but saw it in a regression a few years ago. I realized that my whole life (personality, desires, situations) were built over trying to make this situation right. But I feel her soul still is not open to me at all and does not forgive me. I really wanted to rekindle our relationship and maybe try to be together again. If souls are “enlightened beings”, why can’t her soul care about all I have done to ask for
forgiveness? And why is my soul so attached to this particular experience and can’t let go? She doesn’t want to be with me and my pain is excruciating. ~Lara, France

ANSWER: You are a dreamer and using dreaming as a way to escape reality. Your major lesson this lifetime is dealing with abandonment. She abandoned you in the previous life and you feel she is abandoning you now.

Souls come into a human body so that they might deal with the duality and learn to understand what their chosen lessons mean to their enlightenment. Mixing your physical form with the current nonphysical form of this other soul is impossible while you are on two different planes.

All these feelings are coming at you to remind you that you didn’t complete your lesson of discernment: figuring out why you were really there in that lifetime. Once a soul leaves the duality and returns to unconditional love, they no longer have any negative feelings, so the fact that you think she has not forgiven you is an illusion. The truth is that you have not forgiven yourself.

The way to resolve your current dilemma is to go into that life again in meditation and/or hypnosis and talk to the soul’s higher self, who understands all the lessons it has been involved with in all its incarnations. See that that soul is not the only solution for you – a plan you have convinced yourself is the only solution and upon which you have fixated.

This is your life’s journey. It is a solo affair in which to learn both the lessons chosen for this life and any remaining from previous lives. Romantically it can be outstanding if you bring yourself into this life alone and don’t try to span the past with the present.

Eliminate your shadow emotions, bring in unconditional love from Source, and then manifest a love, of whatever type you desire, to fulfill the remainder of your time here.


Who is teaching God?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters who is teaching God everything that he knows? I feel that he is still learning on how to improve the human race day by day, for so many centuries. ~Musat, Romania

ANSWER: Your question implies that your accepted belief system consists of a single supreme being that has the appearance of a human being and is responsible for everything that happens on Earth. Our universe is, and was created by, a powerful energy that exists in unconditional love, is amorphous, and allows all its particles to manifest for themselves.

In the beginning, Source knew only perfection and wondered what it was not. So, Source created a laboratory that we know as Earth. It broke off pieces of itself to enter into this duality, which contained both the positive perfection it had always known and the opposite of this unconditional love, which was negativity. He created the place but did not set up the experiments in this laboratory – that was the purview of the souls choosing to partake.

Source allows each piece of itself, each soul, to exercise their freedom of choice to decide what they want to study. Source benefits from everything it observes its particles engaging in – that is how wisdom not previously possessed is gathered. You might say that every soul is “teaching” Source what perfection is not by the lessons they learn in their dealings with negativity.

Source makes all this information available to everyone so that, if they choose to return to Earth, they can see what others have done and decide whether they want to try a variation on those activities. Any “improvements” – which is a judgment and only exists within the duality – are the result of the choices exercised by souls.

Knowledge from the past

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters lately I have been exploring meditation. Recently I did a past life meditation and went into a life as a priestess and herbalist at the temple of Delphi, living and working alongside Plutarch. Was this real? If so, what if any is the significance of discovering this now? ~J., UK

ANSWER: Older souls have experienced hundreds of lives. Not all of your past lives would have an impact on the subsequent existences. The reason this life replayed for you now is that you grossly underestimate your abilities. Taking the spiritual expertise for helping others with nonphysical matters, and the medicinal healings accomplished by you while working with herbs in the physical world, you can get a sense of the power you possessed – and it is still part of your essence.

An awareness of your potential was brought forward for you to see that you should always trust you can learn anything and do anything if you put your mind into the action. You are your own worst critic and detractor. Become your cheering section, encouraging success in previously avoided areas.

The priestess you were had stepped completely away from negativity and ego and projected love and understanding. Your connection with the Earth, through your knowledge of herbs, allowed you to find the balancing elements for those having difficulties with physical ailments. You were able to align your energies with the frequency of your clients to reach equilibrium.

What you do with this information is up to you. The minimum we recommend is “feeling” the energy and seeing what resonates with your current body. If you sense you would be of benefit to others as a spiritual adviser, herbalist, or nature healer, and that interests you, then research, explore, apprentice, or watch others in those endeavors – or not. You are in the driver’s seat of your life, no one else.