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Blessed Virgin and saints

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters there have been many appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other so called saints. Can you explain this? Did Mary give the children of Fatima the prayer called the rosary or is this just a Catholic teaching? Did she actually appear to these children and is she making appearances now as some people claim? ~Joanne, United States

ANSWER: Let’s start with the easiest question: only the Catholic Church has something called a rosary. It was a suggestion made to the children to assist in summoning the energy of Mary and to help set the energy of love. It also was like a visualization and meditation that reduced their fear. A similar practice has been used by a number of religious persons throughout Christendom, including Saints Alan and Dominic. Some other religions have prayer beads that they use to produce the same state of thought and meditation.

Souls who have been recognized for activities while on Earth return to souls having a human experience to encourage them and help them understand the lessons those souls mastered while human. The soul known as Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Jesus, etc. is the epitome of unconditional love. She has visited a lot of human beings in order to let them experience that love and find ways to share their understanding of it with others.

Many souls who have become Masters of aspects beneficial to those living in the duality make contact and teach or relate their wisdom. The Masters who channel knowledge through countless humans are all part of this cadre. It is quite difficult for them to visualize a body, so most of the communication is done through mental telepathy or thought transference. The information that is transcribed to answer the question on this page is received in this fashion.

There is truth in your feelings

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, my Wife, Peggy and I worked as mediums giving private sittings and serving Spiritualist churches for 24 years. Peggy passed away on the 1st November 2014 and life has changed dramatically, I want to know if I am receiving thoughts from Peggy, which do seem very real, or am I just deceiving myself? We did say before she passed that we would be in touch if possible but grief seems to get in the way. ~Graham, UK

ANSWER: You and your wife had both agreed before incarnating that you would dedicate a portion of your life to assisting others, which you did with fantastic success. You spent so much time together and on your avocation that you were like one. It was decided at some time during this Earth experience that she would leave you and help provide additional assistance from the Other Side while you continued from here.

As you are well aware, the clearest information comes through when the medium’s own thought are put to rest and the mind open to vibrations coming from beyond. Because of your human emotions when it comes to your beloved, it is still slightly difficult for you to prevent your memories from adding input. That will diminish with time when you totally accept the spiritual vibration from beyond to replace the physical emotions from your human memory.

Peggy is definitely adding information to your readings. She is also with you when you meditate to console you in accepting the difference in your personal vibrational level. You will find that, with her assistance from the Other Side, messages will come faster and more in depth than ever before. Relax and let it flow.

You and she are from the same soul group, as you already know. You have shared a number of lives together that have always ended in one of you returning Home to bolster the energy of the one who remained. She is there in all ways but the physical. She loves you dearly and cradles your head at night as you fall asleep.

Mediumship experiences

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have spoken to cancer cells in mediumship. They told me that they are souls having a cell experience. I have also spoken to a plant based alien race called the Morphens and many other beings. Now while this sounds interesting I’m starting to think is my brain just making this up? It seems very flowing when I connect but how do I know it’s not just my ego? ~Kieran, UK

ANSWER: Have you meditated on your belief that cells of any kind have a soul? If this were true, the body would be a battleground of hundreds of souls exercising their freedom of choice regardless of what the rest of their body had decided.

Souls come to Earth to learn lessons by realizing they possess, and then using, freedom of choice. A typical lesson would be for a soul to have chosen to experience cancer and then accept having the power and ability to work through the associated lessons such as dependence, lack of control, ability to manifest, and power to restructure the DNA and cellular setup.

A soul may choose to be a human being, an animal of some sort, or even an occupant of another living space. The only time a soul ever chose to be a single cell was during evolutionary periods when the single cell underwent cellular division and then the solitary soul inhabited the entire structure.

You have spoken to some discarnates who find you egotistically gullible and have been having fun with you. They are aware of your intense desire to bring across important information and chose what they thought you would enjoy. You have also spoken with some souls who currently reside in what would be called alien bodies, but they are not spirits; they are souls having an alternative experience in a place other than a duality.

Before you begin any session, ask for communication only with beings of the light who will come through you for your highest and greatest good. When you have concerns, ask your spirit guides for validation.

Beings lurking about

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am in search of an explanation or guidance. With Reiki which I usually use when cleaning energy from the environment (in my house), I see some spiritual beings. They are close to walls, with their black robes and hood. Never see their faces. I ask mentors and protection of these beings leave. I need to know if this really happens or is it my imagination. If it is true, why are they there? What I need to learn or do with it? I am very grateful for your help and happy with your answers ~Suian, Brasil

ANSWER: Your house contains a portal through which nonphysical spirits move. Most are of the light and you are never even aware of their transit. The ones in black, hooded robes are disincarnates, which are negative spirits who remained on Earth after their bodies expired because they wished to continue to interact with humans.

These beings have refused to return to the light because they are forces of negativity that cannot exist in the unconditional love of Home until they give up their negative energy and trade it in for positive love. They slink around the shadows hoping they will not be noticed so that they might find positive energy to steal to maintain themselves. This is not your imagination.

Your constant cleaning prevents them from building up a large enough mass of negativity to overpower you. Your mentors, guides, and healing guides are keeping them at bay at your request. What you need to do is either close the portal or place a white light filter on it, which will only allow beings of the light to use it.

If you close it, the positive energies, which will never bother you, will have to find another transit. If you place a filter on it, the negative beings will be barred while the loving spirts will not be affected.

To deal with the portal, it will be easiest if you have two other positive souls assisting you. Form a circle, burn incense in the corners of the room, have a few quartz crystals to increase your power, and while asking your guides for assistance, place your request for a filter or a closure of the passageway. Repeat your request three times.